14 Amazing Resin Craft Projects!

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14 Amazing Resin Craft Projects!

14 Amazing Resin Craft Projects!

Have you tried playing with resin before? There's several different kinds of resin and I love them all. I've used resin epoxy clay, resin high gloss finish and casting resin. 

Today I am sharing 14 amazing resin craft projects that are perfect resin crafts for beginners. If you haven't given resin a try, pick a resin project and try it out!

Check out these fun projects and tell me which one is your favorite!

I've been doing resin crafts and projects for so many years now--I actually have an updated post of 100 RESIN CRAFTS!

Check it out--it's got more details on selling resin projects and the TOP TEN Best Sellers when it comes to resin crafting. 

Here's 100 resin crafts for you to make! What can you make with resin, I've got one hundred craft projects, repairs and fun ideas for you!

Resin crafting is a versatile and popular creative pursuit that involves working with epoxy resins to produce a wide range of artistic and functional items. 

Artists and hobbyists alike use resin to encapsulate and preserve various materials, creating intricate jewelry, vibrant paintings, personalized home decor, and more. 

The process typically involves mixing resin and hardener, pouring the mixture into molds, and allowing it to cure, resulting in a glossy and durable finish. 

Resin crafting allows for endless customization, experimentation with colors, and the incorporation of diverse elements like flowers, glitter, or metallic pigments. 

The medium's transparency and ability to capture intricate details make it suitable for both beginners and experienced artisans, offering a dynamic and rewarding avenue for self-expression and innovation.

Here's the short list of 14 Amazing Resin Craft Projects! 

Shiny gold glitter in a tray coated with High Gloss resin, perfect way to keep that glitter contained.
Make a gold glitter tray with high gloss resin

These amazing pens are made with EasySculpt clay then painted and marbled. Perfect for Calligraphy.
Use EasySculpt resin clay to form calligraphy oblique pens

These cool agate slices are made with EasyCast resin and translucent dyes.
Make faux agate slices using EasyCast resin

Make amazing cameo pins using a couple different types of resin.
Use FastCast resin to make little cameo frames, paste in a photograph and top with high gloss resin to make a cameo brooch.

This stunning tray is actually upcycled DVD's! Can you believe this amazingness!? Coated in High Gloss Resin for the perfect smooth finish.
Upcycle some DVD's by cutting them up and gluing them in a tray, then coat with High Gloss Resin.

Immortalize leaves in resin for the perfect pendants.
Leaf pendant necklace coated with high gloss resin.

These sunset-like resin pour is such a fun technique, especially for a beginner.
Resin poured sunset rainbow coasters diy

Encase an entire dandelion in EasyCast resin for the perfect paperweight!
Make resin paperweights with things around the yard and EasyCast Resin

These stunning knobs look amazing with flecks of gold leafing.
Make dresser knobs with Green EasyCast Resin and Gold Leaf papers

Upcycle some old bottle caps using Jewelry Clay and some steampunk watch pieces.
Use resin jewelry clay pressed into bottle caps with steampunk elements, jewels and trinkets.

Encase dead bugs in EasyCast resin for the perfect jewelry, paperweight or specimen art.
Cast Beetles in clear EasyCast Resin great for paperweights, jewelry or specimen art

Make a copy of something you already have using Silicone Putty, then make as many as you want with FastCast resin.
FastCast resin sparrows made using Silicone mold putty.

This stunning pendant is made with watch parts and Jewelry resin.
Steampunk pendant necklace using jewelry resin and watch parts.

Paint an abstract piece of art and then add some fun gold, silver and variegated leaf...then coat in High Gloss resin.
Abstract canvas art with gold, silver and varigated leaf, coated in high gloss resin.

That's it!

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14 amazing resin craft projects perfect for beginners. Learn about different types of resin and how to make crafts using resin.