Disney Inspired Cosplay, Halloween Costumes and Props!

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Disney Inspired Cosplay, Halloween Costumes and Props!

Halloween is my favorite holiday because I absolutely love dressing up. I was blessed with one daughter, Hailee, whom quickly became my dress up doll. I dressed her like a mermaid for her first Halloween. She was 8 months old and couldn't walk, so the mermaid fin just flapped as she kicked her legs. The cutest, right!?
If you hang out on my blog for a while, and scroll back through the posts (more than 2500 of them), you'll be sure to find my babies in all stages of their lives. Hailee is 15 now and doesn't let me dress her up as much anymore...but she still has my love of costumes, so there is some here and there.
Anyway, I've got 20 Disney inspired costumes and costume pieces...and some simple accessories to inspire your cosplay, Disney Bounding or Halloween costumes.

Which one is your favorite???

Belle from Once Upon a Time
I don't even think Once Upon a Time is Disney, exactly, but I love this cloak, so I threw it in the bunch!
Maleficent Light-Up Staff
Dinsey Inspired Sleeping Beauty Maleficent Movie Costume Staff DIY with Diaval and light up orb!

Forky Toy Story 4 Hairclip

Princess Anna Cape

Vanellope Von Schweetz Cosplay

Vanellope Von Schweetz inspired from Disney's Wreck it Ralph Cosplay or Halloween Costume DIY! How to make the perfect last minute costume!

Young Maleficent Cosplay
Make the perfect Disney inspired costume cosplay of Maleficent as a child from the Live-Action Maleficent Movie. This angel of darkness didn't always have a dark side, the wings, horn and fairy-like attributes are simple to DIY.

Maleficent Cosplay
Maleficent Disney Inspired Cosplay DIY Halloween Costume!

Rapunzel Braid

Maui's Fish Hook

Hairbows inspired by Princesses

Great accessories for Princess costumes!


And if all else fails, make a fun shirt instead!

Magic Lamp Shirt
Gold metallic iron on vinyl of Aladdin's magic lamp with script word magic pressed onto a black shirt.

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