Beach Sand Trinket Dish DIY using Plaid's Mod Podge Ultra

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Planning a Spring Break or Summer trip to the beach?  Enjoy the sand and seashells longer with this fun beach sand trinket dish DIY.

 Beach Sand Trinket Dish DIY using Plaid's Mod Podge Ultra

Planning a Spring Break or Summer trip to the beach?  Enjoy the sand and seashells longer with this fun beach sand trinket dish DIY.  I love to collect seashells, rocks and a bit of sand from every beach I go to.  Make this darling sand bowl using Plaid's newest product: Mod Podge Ultra.
 I took an amazing trip to Oceanside last month and loved every minute of it.  It was cloudy and overcast, but coming from a snowy mountain home in Utah, it was a welcome change.  The weather was warm enough to get a little sunburn too.  I collected a bag of rocks and a scoop of the brown and black glittery sand.
If you don't want to collect sand from the beach, any sand will work for this fun project.  Collect some seashells and add a beachy element to the home decor.
 These sand trinket bowls are sturdy and strong.  I would not trust them to drop on the ground, much like glass, but they are quite strong.
 These sand bowls have fun character full of texture and personality.  Plus, they are extra special if the sand comes from your favorite beach!

Check out this fun video with the full DIY:

Mod Podge Ultra is amazing!  It comes in spray form.  It is a sealer, finisher, and adhesive all in one.  Because it is spray form, the nozzles need to be cleaned after using to keep it functioning properly.  Mod Podge Ultra comes in Matte or Glossy finishes.  Mod Podge Ultra dries clear and non-tacky with no brush strokes.  It can be used on indoor or outdoor crafts.  The hold is super strong.  Strong enough for mosaics, mixed media and even sand bowls!

You will need:

Mod Podge Ultra (4 oz.)
1 Cup Sand
Stirring Sticks
Mixing Bowl
Plastic Wrap
Smooth Bowl
Begin by covering your bowls with cling wrap as tightly as possible, the bags I used ended up making the sand a little wrinkly.

Mix 1 part sand with 1/2 part of Mod Podge Ultra.  I used 1 cup of sand and 1/2 cup of Mod Podge Ultra for the base of 3 bowls.
Mix the sand and Mod Podge Ultra together until it makes a gritty frosting consistency.
It doesn't "drip" as well as I would have liked, but my sand was very coarse.
Scoop out some sand and plop it on the top of each bowl.  Let it drip slightly down the sides.  Then let it dry for a day or two.

Repeat the process by mixing more sandy clay and pasting more on the bowls.
Fill in any places that appear sparse.  Build up the base and smooth it flat for easy sitting.
Then let it dry for another day or 2.
Once dried, turn them over and remove the bowl and plastic.  It comes off quite easily, but can be loosened by running a hobby knife around the edges carefully.
Once the bowl is removed, the plastic peels off effortlessly.
That's it!
Fill with seashells or other beachy trinkets for the perfect beach themed decor.
I love how these bowls look!  They appear to be made like a sand delicate, like they might collapse at any moment.  Even the delicate cracks and clumps are very well secure.
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