Tumbled Polished Rocks!

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6:00 AM
This was a mini study unit we did for homeschool.
We discussed the types of rocks and how they are
formed and then we went on the hunt for rocks.

I had a rock tumbler before...but it didn't make the one of the moves at some point...
and I've wanted another for a while!  I love Rocks!
So I ordered this one from Harbor Freight when I had a discount coupon...
and it's a dual rubber drum...which means twice the fun.

You can find cheaper tumblers...but if they are hard plastic,
they will be much louder.
(the tumbling is constant...day and night!)
Just a heads up.
So my son filled one tumbler, daughter filled the other...

 We filled them up...
 Added our step 1 course grit stuff...
All the instructions come with the machine.  I ordered all the grit on ebay...
It takes several weeks for the first couple of steps...then
a couple weeks for each of the remaining steps...so it takes some dedication.
Well worth it in the minds of my little tweens!
 Filled with water...

 secured everything...

 And set them to work in the garage.
The tumbling can be loud and obnoxious, so I recommend the garage.
day and night...
About 2-3 weeks each for the first 2 phases...
and about 2 weeks for the last 2 phases...lots of patience...

Here's the phases of the son's:

And daughters:
So cool.  They loved seeing the progression through each phase.
It took a long time...but it was a breeze compared
 to the natural process.
We're planning on doing some fun things with them too!

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