Faux Succulent Wreath DIY Arrangement

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Faux Succulent Wreath DIY Arrangement

I love succulents--do you?  They are adorable little plants that are chubby and full of personality.  I've tried my best to raise plants in my home...but to no avail.  I've got the blackest thumb...I've had bamboo, cactus and succulents all die.  It makes me feel so sad...like I've killed a living soul.  In order to enjoy the beauty of succulents without the guilt of killing them, I've switched to using faux succulents.  There's quite a few that look really close to the real thing, so it's a nice way to craft with greenery and add some sunshine to your home.
This faux succulent wreath is beautiful with its array of colors, textures and shapes.  It's easy to make and the perfect handmade diy.  I love the lush look and it fills my heart with joy to have greenery around the house.

Let's get started!

You will need:

Faux Succulents
(I bought this one, this one, and this one)

10" Green Styrofoam Wreath Form
Hot Glue/Gun
Black and White Polka Dotted Ribbon
Wire cutters/Scissors
Spread out the succulents around the wreath form to get an idea of where each one will look nice.
Cut about 18-24 inches of ribbon and hot glue the ends together.

Tie the ribbon loop on the wreath form with a larks head.
Then hot glue and place succulents on the wreath form.  They all have a different weight to them so make sure you are dispersing the weight evenly.
Hot glue the succulent picks and stick them into the wreath form.
Don't over think this part.  Just put hot glue on them and stick them in place.  Ideally the entire wreath form will be covered completely, but start by grouping them in clusters of 3 to 5 plants.  Begin with the largest succulents and then fill in the smaller ones around them.
Trim off excessively long wires with the clippers and then continue hot gluing them in place.
Just a daub of hot glue is all they need.
Spread out the colors of the succulents and the shapes.  Continue working to fill the wreath.
For succulents like this one with multiple parts, trim them down and spread them all over the wreath.
This way these small pieces will be the perfect fillers to cover the rest of the wreath.
Place them in and around the large succulents.
It's gorgeous once it's all filled in!  Tie a beautiful bow and hot glue it on the wreath.  Hang it on the front door, in the entry way or as home decor and enjoy the pleasant effect of succulents without the maintenance or stress.  This is the perfect succulent arrangement for me!

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