A Long Time Ago Funny Star Wars Shirt with Cricut Maker DIY

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 A Long Time Ago Funny Star Wars Shirt with Cricut Maker DIY

     It's no secret around here that I love Star Wars.  I will watch any movie that comes with a Star Wars label.  I love the spin-off's and the main epics.  I'm not overly critical about story lines and plots...although there are things that don't add up.  But I just like the Star Wars adventure once or twice a year.  Plus I love celebrating all things Star Wars on May 4th!  Here's a great shirt that shows you really are paying attention to the epic Star Wars crawler.
  Make a funny geek inspired Star Wars shirt with Cricut and sportflex iron on vinyl.       Plus, this post is also featuring Lego Star Wars!  When my husband and I met, we never really dated like normal people do.  So when we got married, the tradition continued.  We never went out to dinner and a movie.  Instead, we'd head over to the toy store and buy Lego sets.  Our first was the Millennium Falcon in 2000.  We paid nearly $200 and spent the next couple evenings together putting pieces together.  It's a favorite memory!  So now I hoard all Star Wars Lego sets.  This little Escape Pod is a favorite...comes with a Dewback too!  Microfighter sets are some of my favorite Lego varieties.
  Star wars geek inspired gift idea with Lego set and tee shirt made with Cricut Maker      You know how A New Hope starts out right?  A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.  Was it really a long time ago?  All those blaster bolts and laser swords!  So I did a combination of a Star Wars font coupled with my own hand lettering to write out the begin of the crawler and then a critical flaw that most of us see.  A long time ago...but somehow in the future...      If you'd like to make the same shirt, go ahead and save off the png...personal use only please.

 Supplies Needed:

Yellow SportFlex Iron on Vinyl
Cricut Maker
Cricut Brightpad
Cricut Weeding Tools
Activewear or regular T-Shirt
EasyPress 2 (large)
EasyPress Mat

      Upload the png into Cricut Design Space and then reverse the image for cutting.  Place the colored side of the SportsFlex iron-on on the Cricut Mat and click the GO button.  Remove the iron on and use the hook tool to remove the excess iron-on.
   Weeding SportsFlex iron-on is the most magical experience!  It's stretch is wonderful and peels off completely perfectly!
Place the t-shirt on the EasyPress mat.  Press the shirt with the EasyPress 2 to warm it up.
 Then place the iron-on vinyl on the shirt.  I place my wording just an inch or two below the collar.
 Then press the iron on with the EasyPress 2 for the recommended settings.

     Let the shirt cool down completely and then peel back the plastic carrier sheet.  Then it's ready to wear or wrap as a gift with a box of Star Wars Lego for a Star Wars nerd like me!
 Check out this great Microfighters set on Lego's site here.  It's the perfect set to put together while enjoying the 4th of May!  Do you celebrate the geekiness that is Star Wars?  What's your favorite movie?
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  Make a funny Star Wars themed shirt with yellow SportsFlex iron-on vinyl and Cricut Maker.

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