STAR WARS Binary Language of Moisture Vaporators Shirt!

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STAR WARS Binary Language of Moisture Vaporators Shirt!
We are geeking out about the new Star Wars movie 7 coming out this weekend!
We decided to make fun t-shirts for the theater day!
 My brother is a computer programmer and this was the perfect idea for him!

Remember when Uncle Owen and Luke go to the Jawa market to buy new droids?
Owen is looking for a droid that
"Understands the Binary Language of Moisture Vaporators"
Isn't C3P0 just the best!?

Okay, so I love using Silhouette studio and my Silhouette Cameo.
(If you don't have one...all I can say is get one!)

Okay, type in the desired text.
Right click on the text and click the "flip horizontally"
 That will reverse the text and make it perfect for cutting out of the heat transfer vinyl.
 Place the vinyl on the cutting mat plastic side down.
Cut out the words.
 Then weed out the excess vinyl...
 Place face down on the desired shirt!
 Cover with a tea towel and iron for a few minutes on med/high.
Remove the towel and carefully iron right on the plastic for a few seconds.
Lift up the plastic and make sure the vinyl stays put...or re-iron as necessary.
 Then it's ready to rock!
It's awesome and funny--totally geeky!
Love it!

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