STAR WARS Holographic Dress Shirt!

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Star Wars Holographic Dress Shirt!

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I found some amazing holographic heat transfer vinyl from
Happy Crafters--It's Diamond Sparkle HTV
My daddy loves prisms, rainbows, hologram prints, light refraction...all that.
So I knew this would be the perfect vinyl for him.
 Look how happy he is!
I didn't even have to tell him to smile!
Cutest ever!  This is why I am the favorite child! dad always wears a button up shirt and slacks...really.
I've seen him in jeans only like twice in my life.
He is an adorable grandpa and we love living close to him again!
So, here's the shirt I made for him for the showing of
Star Wars: The Force Awakens this weekend! (We are going Saturday!)
I bought a cheap dress shirt at the thrift store...

 I used my Silhouette Cameo to cut my words.
Make sure when doing Heat Transfer Vinyl or HTV that you reverse
 the text and images horizontally since it will cut it through the backside.
 I tried to use the settings from Happy Crafters to cut this vinyl, but it was thick and stubborn!
After a little stressing...I set my blade depth to 10 and the thickness to 20.
That was enough to get the vinyl separated easily.
 I can see the carefully weed out the excess pieces.
 Just like this...super sparkle!
 Then place the shirt on the ironing board
 (seriously, crafts are the only reason I have an iron and an ironing board!)
Iron the shirt out.  I didn't account for the gathering on the back of the shirt
at the there is some buckling on the
 Place the plastic side up and the words should look "right" at this point.
Then cover with a light tea towel and iron on med/high for a few minutes...
Then remove the tea towel and peel up on the edge of the plastic to see if it needs more ironing.
The plastic can melt and warp, so use caution.
 Then remove the plastic backing and you will have perfection!
I love the super sparkle!
 Okay, I did the Rebellion insignia on the front of the shirt pocket.
And at just the right angle, the vinyl is an array of rainbow colors!
 The Force is Strong in my Family!
 I love it!

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