Notre Dame Cathedral Iron-On Tote DIY using Cricut Maker

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This post uses products from Cricut.  Affiliate links included...all opinions are mine.In memory of the Notre Dame cathedral this tote bag is Paris coture in gold glittery vinyl.

 Notre Dame Cathedral Iron-On Tote DIY using Cricut Maker

     Such devestating news yesterday as the world turned their heads in horror and watched the Cathedral of Notre Dame burn up.  At the beginning of Holy Week prior to Easter, it's an evident reminder of mortality.  In honor of Notre Dame Cathedral, I made a glistening glittery tote bag as a memorial to the end of the era.  Have you been to Paris, France?  Tell me all about it--I feel like I've missed my chance to see it in all its glory.
Cricut Maker cut gold iron on vinyl in intricate silhouette of Notre Dame Cathedral and adhered to black leather tote bag using the EasyPress 2 large heat press.
      I've never been to Paris.  My dad lived there for 2.5 years when he was in his early 20's.  He learned the culture, the language and enjoyed seeing the monuments that stand as icons of Parisian history.  I loved hearing about his time in France so much that I wrote several country reports on France when I was in elementary school.  I loved hearing about his trip to the Eiffel Tower, going up to the top!  I loved him telling the story about him getting hit by a car while riding a bike and breaking his arm.  Why did I love that story so much?  Because my dad learned out to do all the common daily activities with his left handed.  He learned to tie a necktie with just one hand.  And of course, I loved him telling me about the Notre Dame Cathedral.  
Gold glitter heat transfer vinyl cut with the Cricut Maker as a memorial to Notre Dame cathedral fire.
      I hope it's not perceived as irreverent or disrespectful to make this tote bag.  I mean this in the upmost love and devotion to the French.  As a tribute, as a memorial and as a reminder to the cathedral of Notre Dame I made a gorgeous tote use as they make plans to rebuild anew.

Supplies Needed:

Faux Leather Tote Bag (or canvas)
Cricut Weeding Tools

 This silhouette image is simple and slightly altered from an image I found online.  Right click to save off, personal use only.
Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, France coloring page clipart clip art silhouette freebie
If Notre Dame isn't your ideal tote bag theme, check out this cute Buffalo Plaid iron on heart tote.  It's adorable and the same technique is used, with 2 layers.
Using Cricut Maker and EasyPress to make a unique bag with a buffalo plaid heart ironed on it.

Get Started:

It's a png file and easy to load into your Cricut Design Space™ or other electronic cutting software program.  Then select it as a cut file and move it into the project canvas.  Change the settings to glitter iron-on vinyl and click the reverse button.  The image is symmetrical, but it's a good habit to stay in when working with iron-on vinyl.
Cut iron on vinyl with the Cricut Maker in reverse to adhere with the Easy Press 2.
      Place the glitter iron on on the mat with the shiny plastic side touching the tacky side of the mat.  Then cut the image.  In the meantime, get your tote bag ready to iron on.
Make a stunning leather tote bag in memorial of Notre Dame cathedral in gold glitter iron on vinyl.
Weed the iron on vinyl with the hook tool and remove all the excess vinyl.  It's easier to do this process using the Bright Pad, but glitter iron-on is pretty easy to weed.
Notre dame cathedral silhouette cut out of iron on vinyl and weeded, ready to iron on tote.
     Place the faux leather tote bag on the Large Cricut EasyPress Mat.  If you have an additional mat, like the medium sized one, place it inside the tote bag.  
     Use a measuring tape, or just your eyeballs to set the iron on vinyl centered on the bag.  The glitter iron on goes perfectly with the faux leather tote.

     Set the EasyPress 2 Large to the proper settings, look here for the current temperatures and times.  Set the EasyPress 2 on the vinyl with a teflon or protective sheet so the faux leather does not melt.
     After pressing, let the iron on vinyl cool down completely.  Then peel the carrier sheet off the tote bag, revealing the gorgeous and stunning glittery finished product!
     Now you can fill the bag with travel keepsakes as you work your way around Paris, France.  Or take the bag to the pool filled with towels, magazines, sunglasses and sunblock.  Maybe throw the bag over your shoulder as you head to the library to check out all the fun books to read.
    I love tote bag decorating!  Check out this cute crafty bag too:
craft a tote bag in less than 5 minutes.
    This darling bag also makes a great gift to someone with close ties to Paris and France.  Handmade gifts are my favorite thing ever!  Fill it with some fancy chocolates, coloring books, markers and more.
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Check out this fun paint pouring video while you are here, I am sure you'll love it!

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