Plaid Crafts Marbling Acrylic Dirty Paint Pour DIY

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Plaid Crafts Marbling Acrylic Dirty Paint Pour DIY

Marbling and Paint pouring is the latest and greatest art craze!  The beauty of abstract art is that you do not need to be an artist or have any realistic art skills.  Once you do a pour, you will be hooked!  You will look around your house, wondering what you could pour on.  Let's get started!

Plaid has made it so simple with these Marbling paints!

Supplies Needed:

Wood Surface or Wood Canvas
Small Mixing cups and stirring sticks
Disposable Work Surface

Check out this awesome tray--complete with a video tutorial:

Step 1: Pour in Cup

Set up a disposable work surface on the table.  Squeeze the marbling paint in a small cup, layer the different colors like a bullseye.

Step 2: Pour onto Surface

Then pour the paint onto the canvas.

The colors stay together instead of mixing into new colors or turning all into brown.

Step 3: Tilt Canvas

Then lift and tilt the canvas, moving the paint to all the edges and corners.  Then set it on a cup over the table to dry.

This process is super messy!

Step 4: Let Dry

Let it dry for a couple weeks!  Once dry the shine and smell is completely gone...just spray with some clear gloss sealer to bring it back to life. Or coat it with resin for the ultimate shiny finish.

Let the paint spots on the plastic tablecloth dry, then peel them off and use them for other projects.

Go slow.
Don't over do it...keep it simple.
Have fun!

*White Paint Tips

Sometimes white paint cracks easier than other colors.  It can help to thin it a bit with water before pouring.  This canvas also had a couple other layers of paint on it before I started.

They are all unique and impressive!

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