10 Ways to Celebrate Fantastic Beast: Crimes of Grindelwald

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10 Ways to Celebrate Fantastic Beast: Crimes of Grindelwald

If you are a Harry Potter fan, you're likely interested in the new Fantastic Beasts take-off.  It's a fun distraction and something new in the Wizarding World.  Honestly, the first epic, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, was a little dull to me.  It set the stage, but didn't have the sheer amount of the action that was packed in the Harry Potter books, and therefore movies.  So, I'm looking forward to the next Fantastic Beast installment and hoping it captures more epicness.  What are your thoughts?  Whatever the case, here are 10 fun ways to get pumped about the new movie!

Make and Eat Chocolate Frogs

Dress up for the movie showing with Funny Raglan Shirts

Record your thoughts in Tom Riddle's Diary

Drink Some Butterbeer!

Stroke the spine of a Book of Monsters Journal Cover

Make some Magic Wands--expelliarmus!

Make a custom Hogwarts House Tie...what house are you sorted in?  I'm Ravenclaw!

Stay out of trouble with a Trouble Shirt
Make the perfect Harry Potter shirt in minutes!

Enjoy a flavored Butterbeer Soda
Use Torani syrups to create the perfect butterbeer, using butterscotch or butter rum

Prepare a Full Hogwarts Feast!
Harry Potter recipes, recipe ideas and grand hall dinner!

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