Loose Floral Acrylic Painting on Pumpkins!

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Amazing Flowers/Floral Painting on Pumpkins!
Painting pumpkins is the perfect fall medium for loose florals.  This craft is sure to make you feel like a phenomenal artist.  Seriously, it is not hard and just takes a little bit of looseness.  Pumpkins are the perfect medium for painting because there is not long time stress involved.  Obviously a real pumpkin will not last forever and so there is little to stress about.
Let's get started with these fun pumpkins!
First off you will need pumpkins.  Whatever size, shape or color you desire.
You will also need:
Get lots of Apple Barrel paint from Plaid in a variety of shades...or get an acrylic kit of paints.
You will also want a round paintbrush.
Begin by painting the entire pumpkin black.
Fill a palette with a variety of colors.
Start in the center of the flower by painting a small swirl.  Then add petals around the center in "c" shapes or half circles.  Mix the colors.  Be brave.  Don't over think it.  And DO leave some black space between the petals.
Let the flowers dry and add leaves.  These are filled with variety of shades too: yellows, greens and blues are the perfect leaves!
Paint a checkerboard patter with a flat brush for a second pumpkin.
Add some hashed lines for fun.
Finish off the last pumpkin with some simple hand lettering for the perfect pumpkin trio!
Fabulous for decorating the front porch with all during September and October!
If you want more details on the loose florals, check out this flower painting post I did on shoes:

Such a fun way to decorate for the holidays without the traditional scariness and gore!  I love it!
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Bear said…
Be a great idea on foam pumpkins too!