DIY: Doctor Who Gallery Glass Window Clings!

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DIY: Doctor Who Gallery Glass Window Clings!
Are you a Doctor Who fan?  What do you think about the new doctor?  Do you think she'll do anything great for the brand?  I'm super skeptical...but in the meantime, I'm making lots of Whovian crafts and fandom fun!  Make adorable geeky fandom window clings--easily.  Great craft for older kids too!
You will need:
Sheet of glass
Print off of DW images
Go ahead and right click to save off this freebie image.  The images were sourced, except that chubby Tardis that was designed by my teenage daughter.  Print the image.
Place a piece of glass right on top of the printed image.  Then use the Gallery Glass simulated leading to outline the images.  The little stick figure of River Song...and the Tardis.
There's a little bit of a learning curve using the liquid leading...but it can be removed with a baby wipe if you need to start over.
Then use bright blue and color on the union jack flag.
The DW was done in an array of colors...just for fun.  Once this much has been filled in, let them dry overnight.
Then next day the paint will already look translucent and glossy.
Now fill in the spaces of the tardis in the appropriate colors.
With a little yellow light on top!
Outline the union jack so that all the colors are connected into one large "sticker" cling.
Outline the DW in the same way, connecting all the pieces into one.
And finally outline the entire stick figure of Doctor Song in a transparent finish.
Then set them aside to dry again, like overnight.
Just by holding up the glass, you'll see the stunning effect!  Like stained glass.
Now peel them off like stickers and stick them to the windows of the house or car!
They are cute and easy to make!  Perfect to show off the fandom much loved!
Nevermind the dirty window, but they stick perfectly!  If you have trouble getting them to stick, spritz the window with a little water and stick again.
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