Kitchen Reveal!!!

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 Kitchen Reveal!!!
This is my favorite part of the house!
This project also took the longest.
When we walked through the house the first time I knew there
was so much work to be done.
 First off,
I was not going to be confined in the kitchen/prison while everyone else had
 loads of fun in the living room.
Next, those cabinets...such a waste of space above them...they were ugly and painted dozens of times.
I could have painted them again, but they still would look ugly.
The oven was where the fridge should be...and the fridge was jammed in the corner
so the freezer door couldn't even open all the way.
I could not live like that.
 So, first order of business was to remove this wall!
 And quickly rip off all the cabinet doors.
I have always loved the open shelf look.
I loved it before it was cool.
I have a thing with slightly ajar doors...I know.
 So, we enlisted some help from Mike's dad and uncle and they cut the wall open!
It's amazing!  It makes such a difference!
 Perfect view into the living room as well!
We replaced all the windows too!
 Look at this sink...sad.
I was trying to be so humble and do with what we had...
but this really is a dingy and beat up sink...
 So we cut it out and moved it downstairs to the laundry room.
Which doubled as a work room/kitchen while doing the renovations.
 The next thing to tackle was the flooring.
There was 6 layers of vinyl flooring stuck on top of each other.
They made the floor 1/2 inch taller than the living room floor, so we had
 to remove all the layers before putting in the laminate.
 Hailee spent hours on the floor removing staples.
We got all the cabinets out.
The plaster walls were crumbled and old.
There were electrical wires run right through the hazard!
It was so important that we gut this place.

 After pulling down all the cabinets and old boards, we put up osb board and framed in the room.
This makes it stronger for putting up shelves and makes it so we
didn't have to do major
refinishing work of the crumbly plaster wall.
 We spackled over the osb board.
My brother came over and spackled it to is so smooth, it's feels just like drywall.
 We primed it all white at the same time we did the living room.
 Already looking so much better!
 Then we painted it the same gray as the living room.
 Got all the pipes fixed, moved, aligned...and all the power ran before.
Then the flooring...then we moved things in.
Next we bought a sink base in natural wood and a farmhouse sink in stainless steel!
I love it!
Got a new dishwasher too.
 Now, we did all open shelves on the top and the base,
and decided to just use cabinet grade plywood.
I love it!
I coated all the wood in the house with poly.
 We framed the windows, added curtains,
Hung the microwave and set the oven.
 And added all the upper shelves!
I love it!
We got a big spring faucet and offset it on the sink.
 There's loads of counter space and tons of shelf space!
I can't fill it all!
Kept the light fixture, but painted the ceiling fan blades black!
 I love it!
 The floors are so easy to clean.  The counters wipe clean.
The dishwasher cleans like a dream!  And the sink is a huge split basin!
I am in love with my kitchen!
Someday when we have tons of money, we'll get granite countertops and they'll just
 fit right on the plywood we set. 
And we have subway tiles ready to go for the backsplash...someday
  But in the meantime,
I am loving every minute of it!
 And, no worries,
I'm filling up the empty spaces too!
What do you think!???
Such a maximizing of space!

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Wendy said…
It looks amazing! Good work! P.S. I think you could fit a few more cake stands ;)