Exterior 1951 Brick House Reveal!

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 Exterior 1951 Brick House Reveal!
Here's what the house looked like on the MLS listing.
It was super overgrown with every plant and tree.
The chipped red paint of the railings and porch...
The dated awnings.
The salmon colored siding.
 We started off with major outdoor trimming on the day we bought the house!
We cut back all the bamboo, cut down the wisteria on the railings.
We painted the porch and railings with white primer.
We trimmed the trees like Truffula trees from Dr. Seuss's The Lorax!

 We promptly removed the awnings.
They just covered so much of the mountain views from the inside and date the outside.
 Next, we replaced the windows.
And made the front living room window a couple feet shorter.
And framed the space with aluminum.
 Which I painted like a chalkboard...but still haven't written on it.
I'm so boring.  Looks fine black though!
 The yard was already xeroscaped, but we've done some more fill work with the mulch.
I love the stone bench!
 I used concrete porch paint and repainted the porch and steps.
And I added a giant S monogram on the front.
I love it.
So many people know where I live because of the big red S.
The wisteria has boomed since we chopped it down completely!
And I painted the vintage house numbers in white.
 And here it is!
We love it!
Okay, the salmon colored paint.
It's on the list of home improvements for next year.
I'm going to paint it a blue-ish shade of gray.
Until then, I love the improvements!

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Unknown said…
you are incredible and so wonderful that you all worked together to create this lovely home. So proud of you all.
Cheryl said…
Looks so neat and fresh. Love the huge S. Congrats to you on making it yours!