Front Door Refinishing!

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6:00 AM
 Front Door Refinishing!
This is just what I wanted for Christmas.
We bought our house in January and have done so much work renovating it.
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Anyway, the front door was amazing but in terrible shape.
The varnish was crusty and sharp.
There were big gashes from dog claws.
There was fading and chipping...ugly distressed.
The door is awesome and I knew I didn't want to paint it...but it needed help.
I love the Medusa Knocker and the little wrought iron glass window!
It's so cool and gives the house so much character.
I went off to a Calligraphy conpendium for a day of lettering and crafting with my daughter.
And my husband and boys set off to impress us with their skills.
They took the door off the hinges...removed the knocker, knobs, etc and set off to work.
They used paint and epoxy remover, a grinder and lots of elbow grease.
Painting the stripper all over the door in a thin layer.
And then scraping the solution off after it sets for 30 minutes or so.
The weather was surprisingly nice through November, so working outdoors was no problem.
After scraping and cleaning off the paint remover, they deployed the grinder for some faster action.
Lots of work and care.
After it was distressed to a natural wood, 
they used a little wood stain to treat the grooves.  
Then went over the entire door with water based polyurethane.

Water based is amazing.  It doesn't stink.  It dries clear.
It dries fast...and it's easy to clean out brushes.
After it dried completely, they put medusa back on and hung it in place.
A gorgeous improvement and wonderful surprise for us when we got home that evening.
A huge upgrade in one afternoon!
I love it!
It looks so much more amazing!
Such an upgrade!

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