Funny Pi Shirt using Freezer Paper!

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I got my Cricut Explore Air™ 2 machine at no cost.  I love it, affiliate links included.
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 Funny Pi Shirt using Freezer Paper!
We love having T-Shirt design contests at our extended family parties.  This is one that my son came up with after hearing his uncles and grandpa speaking.  I did this one using Freezer Paper as a stencil.  I love painting shirts, because they don't lift off over time like iron on vinyl.  They are awesome for the life of the shirt.  Freezer Paper is available in the "plastic wrap, wax paper, foil" section of the store...but usually not smaller grocers.  I get mine from Walmart.
Here's the graphic I made up in photoshop and saved as a png.
Right click to save off, personal use only.
I used a stencil font because they are so easy to extra weeding and carefully placing the middles of O's and A's and e's in place.  The stencil font keeps a gap between any opening so they are all one piece.  Such a blessing...more on my favorite FREE Stencil Fonts at the end of the post!

Upload the image into Cricut Design Space.
Select Cut image.
I used a stencil font because it's so much easier when using freezer paper.
Place Freezer paper on the cutting mat with the shiny surface sticking to the mat.
Select the "paper" setting on the dial.
Then remove the "insides" of the letters and keep the negative space.
Place on the desired shirt and iron down.  The shiny side of the freezer paper is wax coated,
so the heat of the iron melts it on the fabric and seals it tight from paint.  It is the perfect stencil.
Use a stencil brush or sponge and fill in the positive space.  Be cautious that you don't get too close to the edges of the freezer paper or the paint will show where you don't want it.
Let it sit for just a minute.
Then peel it all off carefully while it's still a little wet.
Then let it dry completely.
Perfect for a geeky Pi day shirt! like 8 months!  :)

Stencil Fonts are perfect for Freezer Paper shirts.
Here's some of my favorite:
Cargo Crate  -  Soundpieces  -  Steiner
Top Secret  -  Videopac  -  Ruler Stencil

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