Wooden Felt 10x10 Letterboard Washi Tape Hack! And Giveaway!

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Wooden Felt 10x10 Letterboard Washi Tape Hack! 
I got this amazing felt letterboard, it's 10x10--the perfect size.  I was surprised how much text I could fit on a board this size.  It's great for big events, milestones, funny or inspiring quotes and home decor.  I love mine and thought a giveaway would be fun!
What would your letterboard say?
You can get this letterboard on Amazon, affiliate link:
Wooden Black Felt Letterboard Set

It arrives well packaged with board, letters, snipping scissors, bag to hold letters and table easel.  Great combo for everything you need to start letterboarding.  I think that's an actual skill.
The felt has grooves that the letter's pegs fit right into, holding them in place.  They are easy to use and reuse.  The easel is heavy duty and makes it great for a party centerpiece on the table or perfect for home decor. 
Use the snipping scissors and clip the letters off the strips, then fit them on the board.
There are plenty of letters, but additional packs of letters can be purchased too.

Here's the fun HACK:
Add some personality, make it match the theme of the party, or just make it stand out by adding strips of Washi tape on the wood edges.  It fits perfectly, looks great and is removable!  Great way to personalize without permanence.  
So I thought a Letterboard Battle would be fun!
Leave a comment on this post, letting me know what quote you would put on your letterboard OR post a picture on Facebook or Instagram and add the #letterboardbattle and I'll pick a winner to send a 10x10 letterboard to! 

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Move more!
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The greatest teacher, failure is. --Yoda
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It all started with a mouse. #letterboardbattle
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Random Thoughts
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"Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind." Dr. Suess
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Saying "I've already ruined my diet, I'll just keep eating" Is like saying "I've already dropped my phone, why not stamp on it as well"
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