Geometric Terrarium Succulents Planter Centerpiece!

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Geometric Terrarium Succulents Planter Centerpiece!
Perfect for a DIY wedding, party or event--or even 
fabulous for home decor!
Great for a Mother's day gift too.
I love these gorgeous geometric terrariums.
Last month I made my own terrarium...totally DIY out of old CD cases.
It was such a was tedious and nearly cast off as a fail...but it turned out okay.
These.  So much easier.
They come in black too
 They are well made and come well packaged.
I think they are a great price for what you get...they are more
 expensive everywhere else I've looked...and you get 2.
 The big one is about 7 inches across and the small one is about 6 inches across.
Oriental Trading also has a fabulous set of 12 succulent picks.
They are big and perfect if you don't want to worry about
gardening or plants dying right before an event.  They are very realistic looking.
 I just clipped the base off of one of them.
 It's big, like the size of my hand.
It says they are 4.5 inches across.
 Then set in the terrarium filled with small rocks.
So simple and looks so great!
I love it!
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Geometric Terrarium

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