DIY: Paper Heart Wreath Craft!

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 DIY: Paper Heart Wreath Craft!

This is a great craft for tweens and youth, kids that are confident with a stapler!
Super cute and springy!
 Imagine the possibilities!
Pick any colors you want.
 Here's what you will need:
10 strips of paper
1" by 8.5"
(I used 2 each of 5 colors)

Staple pliers are my favorite

and a fabulous paper cutter like this one:

Use the paper cutter to cut strips of paper.
1 inch by 8.5 inch
Fold in half.
Bend around and hold in the center just like a heart.
Use a stapler to secure them.
Use your fingers to shape the heart.
Then repeat for all 10 strips.
Then staple them in the middle one to the next.
Keep them level, all on the table, so that they lay flat when hung.
Staple on a piece of ribbon to hang from.
Staple the other side of the ribbon on the heart 3 away.
Then tie a little bow with a separate piece of ribbon.
Super cute!
Great for a fun activity for kids!

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