Charcoal and Peppermint Handmade Soap Recipe!

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 Charcoal and Peppermint Handmade Soap Recipe!

This is the greatest recipe for all the scraps and shavings of soap that you've been saving!
Remember from this Natural Crystal Post...and this one...
 You will need Melt and Pour Soap Base
Stephenson Personal Care Melt and Pour Crystal Soap Base
(this is the one I used)
They have fantastic soap bases and I highly recommend them.
Just message them to find a retailer near you!
They sent me several soap bases to try in exchange for this post.
For this soap, I used the scraps from my Layered Crystal Soaps
You will also need peppermint oil and charcoal powder,
this one is for it's cosmetic.
 Mist the soap mold with a spray bottle of alcohol.
 Melt all your scraps of soap in a cup.
Stir it up.  It will most likely be a horrid shade...
add several drops of peppermint oil.
 Enter the black powder charcoal!
I dumped in a couple tablespoons.
 Stir it up and pour it in the mold.
It's so black.
 Let them cool completely and then pop them out of the molds.
 I like to wrap mine in fancy paper and twine to look cute!
 Gorgeous and fabulous!
Charcoal is great for cleansing.
Here's a bunch more fun soap recipes!

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