Star Wars Inspired Pillowcases and Brentwood Home Giveaway!

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 Star Wars Inspired Pillowcases and Brentwood Home Giveaway!
Brentwood Home is everything needed for a good nights sleep.
They have bedding, pillows, sheets, quilts, mattresses, comfort for kids and meditation pieces! 
I love you.
I know.
Remember this classic love line from the Epic Star Wars!???
Since Rogue One will be out in a month, I figured a Star Wars inspired craft was overdue.
 But really, this kind of love is how you will feel with these new pillows in your life.
When I was little, every year for Christmas,
Santa Claus would bring a new set of pillows to my mom and dad.  We would then get their hand-me-down pillows and the junkiest would be trashed.
It is fun now to be a parent and see the joy of Christmas in a child's eye.
But really, I agree with Santa.  Mom and Dad need a new pillow!
(but maybe not every year, if you try these ones)
I received The Sleep Wellness Bundle in exchange for this post and review.
And guess what!???
Brentwood Home would like to give a lucky Doodlecraft Reader a set of their own too!!!
 They arrive meticulously packaged and sealed.
It comes with:
2 Latex/Kapok Pillows
2 Molded Latex Pillows

 Product Descriptions copied from their website:
2 Helena Latex/Kapok Pillows 
  • Combines the smoothness of silk and fluffiness of cotton
  • Filled with all-natural latex ribbons that have a responsive feel, providing uplifting support, and silky-smooth kapok
  • Perfect fit for people who switch between multiple sleeping positions, because it molds to your neck and head
  • The cover is made of organic cotton, grown without toxic pesticides or fertilizers, so you can sleep safe and sound.
2 Carmel Latex Molded Pillow 
  • Made with healthy materials for your sleep like a 100% organic cotton cover, and certified free of synthetic materials by the Eco-institut
  • All natural latex is molded to perfectly contour your head and neck, providing essential support through the night.
  • Resilient and supportive latex never requires fluffing
These pillows are quite amazing.
I have had a lot of difficulty finding the perfect pillow for my sleep.
I like a pretty flat pillow.  I find that just a single Helena Pillow is perfection for me.
I love to prop them both up when reading before sleep.
 I decided that with new, fresh, wonderful pillows...I should have some
new pillowcases too!
I got a set of black pillowcases and a set of white.
I used freezer paper to make a simple stencil.
Freezer paper is amazing, because you can iron it to fabric and it keeps a perfect seal, so the images are crisp and clean.
 I used my Silhouette Cameo to cut the letters.
I set my blade to 1 and my depth to 4, speed at 8.
 Then I peeled off the negative space carefully, because this is the part I will use as the stencil.
 It's curly at first, but the iron will take care of that.
Then I cut the 2 phrases apart.
 Slide a flat piece of cardboard inside the pillowcase to prevent bleed through while painting.
I use medium flat rate box from the post office, because I can still mail them
 with a little paint on's like recycling.
Measured and lined up the I love you.
Then used an iron on high to iron the freezer paper (shiny side down) to the pillowcase.
 Don't forget to remove the letter centers too!
 Just iron them in the center of the letters.
Bigger letters work easier for this project.  My letters are about 2-3 inches tall.
 Iron right on the freezer paper, no steam.
 Next, paint.  I used some fabric paint from Silhouette.
(I am not affiliated with Silhouette, I just like their stuff and pay full price for it.)
I used gold.
You will also want a stencil brush.
 Just press the stencil brush in the paint and blot a little.
Then paint in all the letters of your stencil.
Be cautious to not get close to the edge of your freezer paper.
 Go over all the letters and then peel off the freezer paper while still tacky.
 It just peels right off.
Remove the centers of the letters as well.
I use my fingernails to lift it up, but a small hook tool works too.
 Then it is ready to dry.
 Repeat for the other pillow.
When I lined these up I aligned them to the side they would sit on the bed.
In hindsight I would slide the wording in a little bit more, but these are still nice.
The fabric paint dries soft, so it is not brittle, scratchy or rough on your skin.
It is worth using fabric paint for sure.
 Once they dried, I stuff the Helena pillows in them.
The Caramel pillows I put in my black pillowcases and set them on the bed for sleeping perfection.
 These pillows are Star Wars love struck for sure!
You will love them too!
Do you want to win a set for yourself???
It's Giveaway time!!!
Leave a comment, like pin and share!
And enter this rafflecopter for your random chance at winning!

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Xayide2 said…
I could use some pillows updated, or extra for guests. They sound great to me. :)
Laura said…
Love the Star Wars pillow cases!
Unknown said…
These pillows sound like an answer to my prayers. It seems like once a month I am on the hunt for a new pillow. Will the search ever end? All I want is a good night's sleep and not have a stiff neck or a headache when I wake up.
Unknown said…
great idea
Erica said…
Maybe one of these would help me sleep better. Two herniated discs in my neck don't help matters.

Bunny Wilson said…
It's been years since I bought really good pillows, so I'm sure I'd get much better sleep with these.
Edie said…
The struggle for the perfect pillow is real.
Just me said…
Really need some new pillows the pillow I have now was one I had when I was pregnant with my oldest son. lol he's 15 now oh wow I think I need to go ahead and toss it. Yuk. Thanks for the chance.
Unknown said…
These sound amazing! I have to buy new pillows about every six months so I don't have a sore neck.
AguasGirl said…
I seriously tied my pillow to be smaller and more fluffy! Hahaha.
Viki Banaszak said…
I am always on the lookout for perfect pillows. A never ending search.
Unknown said…
Haven't found a pillow yet that doesn't leave my neck and back in pain. Have spent hundreds of dollars in search of the perfect pillow. I don't think I have heard of this one but would certainly try it.
Unknown said…
Haven't found a pillow yet that doesn't leave my neck and back in pain. Have spent hundreds of dollars in search of the perfect pillow. I don't think I have heard of this one but would certainly try it.
Unknown said…
Haven't found a pillow yet that doesn't leave my neck and back in pain. Have spent hundreds of dollars in search of the perfect pillow. I don't think I have heard of this one but would certainly try it.