10 Unique and Amazing Gift Ideas from Uncommongoods!

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10 Unique and Amazing Gift Ideas!

Have you checked out Uncommon Goods?
It is amazing.  I've been looking at their site for hours at a time in complete awe.
They source the most unique and amazing items!
They have 100's of truly gift ideas, but I am just focusing on a fun ten.
You'll need to scour their site for the most satisfaction.

They have a huge range of gift ideas for everyone on your list.  This is the perfect site for finding the perfect gift for that person that has everything.  You will definitely be able to find something unusual and unique for them.  They have a huge collection of ideas for women, men and children.
They have consumables like grow-your-own Mushrooms
and Italian Cheesemaking Kit, which are perfect for someone that has passion for food but doesn't need another gadget.
They have jewelry and knick-knacks...and the most gorgeous Guilded Branches jewelry tree.
They have art, fun and mind stretching games and toys!

They have Great Gifts for Dad
They have fabulous Stocking Stuffers
And loads of awesome Christmas gift ideas!
Uncommon Goods sent me a few items to review in this post and I am in love.
Here's the 10 I love the most today:

#1.  My most favorite thing is this gorgeous Sand Art display.  It is living art.  
It is so therapeutic to watch the sand shift and fall.
It's huge!
This is nearly as big as a car's steering wheel.
It's so fun to watch the glittery gold, sparkly sand and bubbles shift and fall.
 I took a 10 minute video and sped it up so you can see it 16X faster than normal.
 It includes a simple syringe and instructions on how to keep the perfect amount of air
and water in it in order to achieve the best performance.
I love this!
It's just as calming as watching a colorful fish tank, with less work and no cleaning.

#2.  Keyboard Waffle Iron
Such a cool waffle iron for anyone that likes waffles and computers!
Isn't it cool!!?

#3. Zen Wishing Stone
This one was an instant love for me.  It's like reusable paper, and I go through a lot of paper.
This is a piece of natural slate with foam pads on the base so it won't scratch any surface.
Each is natural and unique, so they vary in color depth and uniqueness.
 It comes with a cool bamboo brush with nylon bristles and now you just need water.
 Paint on it with water and it will instantly soak in and evaporate.
In just minutes the slate will be clean and clear and ready to write on again!
 I love it!

#4. Cork Globe
This is just plain cool.  Pin and twine your trips and travels.
It just looks awesome in an office or study.  Fun for adults and older kids too!
Add post it notes and use it just like a cork board in a much funner way!

#5. Water Faucet

Isn't this the coolest piece!?
This would be a cool knick-knack or centerpiece on the coffee table!
The water is glass, but it just looks like it's pouring out.  I love art pieces like this.
Such a conversation piece!

#6. Cactus Canisters
Is there anything cuter than little cacti?  I love these little canisters.
3 sizes: 28 oz, 32 oz, 36 oz.
A cute addition to any kitchen!

#7. Cedar Thumb Piano
This is a fun one.
A great gift for any musical lover!
You hold the instrument in your hands and play with both of your thumbs.
And the cedar wood, it smells so good!
 Uncommon Goods has a video of it being played!
It's just a bit larger than a phone.  Great for travel. 

#8. Toggle Switch
This is such a cool piece.
Everyone has a light switch somewhere that they would love this!
Just hook it over your current light cover and then you
can use the toggle to turn the lights on or off!

#9. Playable Art Ball
I am so drawn to this one.
It's colorful and smooth.
All the little balls are connected, so it curls and moves in the most pleasing way.
My dad has one and I love it.  It is definitely on my wish list!

#10. Butter Churner
This is one that I got!
I love it.  I love making butter with heavy cream...but I just stick it in a jar with a marble.
Last time I made some I couldn't find a marble and I ended up shattering my jar.
This butter churn is awesome and saves a lot of work!
The jar is slightly bigger than a wide mouth mason jar.
The lid sets in the jar, no screwing on.
Just add up to 10 oz of heavy whipping cream
 Press the lid on and turn.
The gears move smoothly and easily.
 It's fun for everyone to have a chance to spin the crank!
 In no time, well about 15-20 minutes, you will have butter and buttermilk.
Just pour out the milk and save for pancakes!
And scoop out the butter!
The churn includes a few recipes to make flavored butter!
 We just ate it on fresh hot rolls.
So yummy and delicious!

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