DIY: Harry Potter Magic Wands

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6:00 AM

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them comes out on Friday!!!

DIY: Magic Wands
I will never tire of making Harry Potter wands!

 You will need:

Black construction paper
Elmers glue
Hot glue/gun
 These are just plastic gems.
You could use marbles or rocks too!
 Put some glue on the paper.

Then roll a chopstick in the paper.
It naturally makes one end smaller than the other, but roll it as tight as you can.
 Hold them and let them dry to the touch.
Then let them dry on the table for a few minutes.
 Next, fire up the hot glue gun.
Fill the top and bottom with hot glue.
Let the glue cool completely.
 Add glue in the wide end and put a gem in the end.
 Then add drips and designs all over the paper wand.
 Let them cool completely.
 Then paint!


JulaLou said…
Fantastic :D