How to Make Air Dry Clay Mushrooms Decor Cloche!

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How to Make Air Dry Clay Mushrooms Decor Cloche!

Learn how to make fake mushrooms in a cloche, appearing to be a delicate eco system terrarium, for the perfect home decor!

This fun project is made of air dry clay and are the perfect addition to a fairy garden, book shelf or unique gift!

Mushrooms are a diverse fungi with various forms, they contribute to ecosystems as decomposers.
Some are found in the culinary world and others in the medicinal realm.

Fungi, lacking chlorophyll, rely on decomposition for sustenance, playing vital roles in nutrient cycling.

Some mushrooms are edible delicacies, while others, like the toxic Amanita (the ones that are red with the white dots), pose dangers.

The overlooked world of fungi encompasses ecological importance, culinary delights, and promising medical avenues within natural resources--plus, they are so cute and a great craft for any skill level!

The good news is that if you have any mushroom allergies, these clay sculptures are for you!

Follow this step-by-step guide to air dry clay mushrooms!

This adorable cloche stuffed with faux mushrooms--those little mushroom tops looks almost too real.

I love what a conversation piece this mushroom clay sculpture has become as part of my home decor.

This mushroom project the perfect addition to a coffee table, book shelf or kitchen window.

It's the perfect time of the new year to start clay projects--give it a try! Good Luck!

Are you ready to set sail on a whimsical crafting journey, turning an ordinary Dollar Tree cloche display (or find something similar at the craft store) into a magical forest scene with a few simple mushroom? 

Today, we'll jump into the enchanting world of crafting diy mushrooms using air-dry clay finished off with a white-washed paint stain.

Stick around to the end of this post for more clay mushroom ideas!

Materials Needed for Air Dry Clay Mushrooms Decor Cloche:

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Step 1: Air Dry Clay Mushroom Modeling Magic

Begin by cutting down skewers to fit inside the cloche easily. 

(If you don't have a cloche, you could use a mason jar and turn it over--building up the mushroom clay sculptures in the lid.)

Cut three skewers in varying sizes so the mushrooms make a darling grouping.

Step 2: Air Dry Clay Sculpting

Now get a small ball of clay and roll it into long cylindrical shapes.

Make it bigger in diameter than the skewers and about the same size as a real mushroom stalk.

Then cut the clay a little longer than the skewer piece and push the wooden skewer in the clay.

This skewer will give the mushroom its stability and ability to hold up the heavy cap.

Press the stalk on a flat surface standing up in a straight line so it can dry with a flat base.

Step 3: Mushroom Cap Shape

Now get a small piece of clay, about the size of a large marble/ping pong ball and mold the air-dry clay into a cone shape.

Adapt as you work, decide how big the mushrooms should be. 

Mold the cap with your fingers and make it slightly asymmetrical with natural features.

Step 4: Gills and Top of Stem

Then use a hobby knife to cut in the gills of the mushroom on the underside of the cap.

Fun Fact: The thin, papery structures under a mushroom cap are called gills. 

Gills are responsible for producing and dispersing the mushroom's spores, which are essential for reproduction. 

They radiate from the stem and provide a large surface area for the spores to be released into the air.

The arrangement and color of these gills can vary among different mushroom species and are often used as identifying features in mushroom classification.

Roll a thin piece of clay about 1/4 inch wide and roll it around the top of the stem.

Then gently slide the mushroom cap on the wooden skewer covered with air dry clay, making the perfect little mushroom shape.

Step 5: Air Dry Clay Drying Time

Allow your clay creations to air-dry thoroughly...a few days.

This step is crucial; patience will be rewarded with sturdy, lasting faux mushrooms. 

While waiting, envision the enchantment your mushroom grove will bring to the cloche.

Do not place them in the oven or somewhere warm to speed it up, as that will cause cracking.

I still had some cracking, but it adds to the charm so I just carried on.

Step 6: Painting Air Dry Clay Mushrooms

Once dry, it's time to bring your mushrooms to life with a bit of acrylic paint. 

Use an earthy tone, like coffee bean, to show the mushroom has pushed through the rich soil to appear suddenly overnight--as mushrooms seem to do!

Mix paint with a little bit of water to create a stain-like consistency, about a half and half ratio.

Quickly paint it on the mushroom with a round paintbrush in small sections at a time.

Then use a baby wipe or a damp cloth to wipe off most of the paint, leaving the depth in the gills, cracks and some on the surfaces.

This technique adds depth, making your mushrooms pop with character and a touch of whimsy.

Brush the watered paint stain on the mushroom in sections, then wipe as you go so the paint doesn't dry.

Don't be too worried about cleaning off all the paint, mushrooms push through the dirt and often they appear dirty!

Repeat the painting process on each section of the mushroom.

Do the same painting technique on the other mushrooms for the cloche terrarium display.

I'm absolutely in love with these little subtle details.

I love seeing the fingerprints from the clay forming look just like touching the delicate surface of a mushroom cap.

After the paint has been sufficiently wiped off, let the mushrooms and paint dry completely. 

This doesn't take a long time at all--maybe 20 minutes or so.

Get Creative!

Use different paint colors--make a rainbow of mushrooms with bright colors for a different look, or paint the top of the mushroom cap red with tiny white dots of white paint!

Step 7: Faux Mushroom Cloche Assembly

Position your faux mushrooms within the Dollar Tree cloche.

Arrange them creatively, playing with heights and angles.

Hot glue the tallest mushroom on the cloche base first.

Place the lid on top just to see how it's all fitting in.

Then hot glue the other mushrooms in the cloche.

Decorate the base of the terrarium cloche with the reindeer moss.

Carefully cover the base of the mushrooms with pieces of moss, as well as any little cracks that might be too visible.

Finally, cover the base with the cloche bell lid.

The transparent cloche becomes a magical dome, encapsulating your whimsical forest creation!

Get Creative--make Christmas mushrooms!

Make your own clay mushroom ornaments--push a small hole in the top of the clay cap and thread a screw eye in it after it dries. 

Use hot glue gun to attach a little moss on the mushroom stem and the bottom of the stem.

Then attach a jump ring and tie it off with a small piece of wire or ribbon for hanging on the Christmas tree!

Step 8: Display Delight

Place your cloche on a prominent shelf, table, or mantel, letting the magic unfold.

The faux mushrooms, with their intricate details and earthy tones, transform the cloche into a miniature enchanted forest, capturing the essence of nature's marvels.

Add a little miniature of a fairy or a garden gnome to add a little more whimsy!

I love this little air dry clay faux mushroom creation!

Those cute little mushrooms look good enough to eat!

Now that you know how to make these air dry clay mushrooms, you can turn them into ornaments with a little eye hook and ribbon for the tree, add them to wood slices for home decor or placing them in plant pots for a little fun element. 

Crafting faux mushrooms for a Dollar Tree cloche display is a delightful blend of artistic expression and budget-friendly magic.

With air-dry clay and a touch of paint, you've turned an ordinary display into a whimsical woodland showcase that's sure to spark joy and admiration.

Let your crafting adventure begin!

What do you think?

Are you loving this mushroom trend right now?

I love it.

One of my bucket list items is to see a real Amanita mushroom in the wild.

Maybe it's a childhood raised on Smurfs...not sure, but I absolutely love mushrooms!

That's it!

Hope you love this fantastical crafting journey with air-dry clay--the perfect medium and a Dollar Tree cloche.

Mold whimsical faux mushrooms, each a unique creation, capturing the magic of an enchanted woodland.

The air-dry clay mushrooms, finished with a watered-down paint stain, breathe life into the cloche...with the reindeer moss.

Assembled like a miniature forest within the transparent dome, this Dollar Tree DIY project unveils a delightful display of creativity and nature's charm.

Placed on your shelf or table, the cloche becomes a portal to a whimsical realm, showcasing the beauty of handmade artistry in every carefully crafted mushroom. Let the enchantment unfold!

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