Painted Mushroom Fairy Garden!

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 Painted Mushroom Fairy Garden! 

Fairy Gardens are so cute and fun!  I thought a little
 mushroom house would be the perfect touch for a
 fairy garden--or little gnome village!
 I started with this old, faded mushroom.
It was in the front yard of this house when we bought it.
 This is a real Fly Amanita.
It's the most iconic mushroom ever.  I guess it is hallucinogenic and psychedelic.
It's said that it makes things appear either bigger or larger than they are.
Fun thought since Alice in Wonderland: Through the Looking Glass movie is coming out next week!
It's totally the Caterpillars' mushroom!
I used Plaid Apple Barrel paints and painted it white and the cap red.
Let it dry and then painted white spots on the top.
 Then I used Nutmeg brown paint to paint on the front door.
 With some details in Melted chocolate and black.
 Then I used this fabulous Liquid Leaf in Classic Gold
to paint some fun details on the door.
I am fortunate enough to get to be a Plaid Ambassador.
That means that Plaid sends me craft supplies to use in projects.
I am not an affiliate.
I received this from Plaid to use in this project.
 The gold is awesome and gives it a raised surface.
 Let it dry and it's ready to show off!
 I love it.  I think it looks like a Smurf house.

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MuseCat10 said…
I have several things I woud use the gold leaf for; a bird that I want to put in a cage out in the garden, Christmas ornaments that I got when my mom passed away and touch up some gold leaf projects that I made.
ozlynda said…
I love your mushroom with it's gold accents. I have a little wire basket that would be gorgeous in gold, so that would be the first thing I paint.
TuttleDB said…
I love how you used the gold for the door hardware! It would be great for painting hardware onto polymer clay fairy doors.
Lexi said…
I think your mushroom is adorable!! I'm working on painting some Harry Potter things for my sons bedroom and the gold leaf would be perfect. Thanks
Oh my, I have such a weakness for red-capped mushrooms in gardens. Beautiful job!

I would use that liquid leaf for wedding decorations. :-D
timelesstotes said…
I would use the gold on some picture frames
timelesstotes said…
I would use the gold on some picture frames.