Dollar Tree Gift Card Giveaway: Birthday Celebration Week!

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$25 Dollar Tree Gift Card Giveaway: Birthday Celebration Week!


I'm celebrating my birthday every day this week with giveaways!

If you missed my other giveaways, enter to win Tombow Supplies, Plaid Paint Prizes and Cricut Craft read my fun birthday story memories! Giveaways end on January 22nd, so hurry and enter them all today! Come back tomorrow for another one too!

I love my birthday! I celebrate all month long. Everything I buy for myself is for my birthday...including this rose gold top from Savers! I took a fun shopping spree at the local Dollar Tree (mine's still just $1 btw) and bought a bunch of fun stuff for my birthday. 

These gold 41 balloons are from DT too! I love getting craft supplies and goodies from Dollar Tree! This giveaway is for your own $25 shopping spree at Dollar Tree! 

What are your favorite things to buy at Dollar Tree?

Birthday Story Time:

I've never had a surprise birthday party, but when I turned 19 I had a surprise for my birthday. 

My best friends snuck (planned ahead with my family) into my room and decorated it with posters, balloons, confetti, shredded newspapers all over the ground, and my bras clasped around balloons hanging around from the ceiling. lol.

It was a fun surprise! 

Have you ever had a surprise party? Were you surprised or did someone tip you off? Have you ever planned a surprise party?
Give me all the details in the comments!

Enter the $25 Dollar Tree Gift Card Giveaway Here:

US Residents only please. Giveaway ends on January 22nd at midnight! Giveaway not sponsored by Dollar Tree. I bought the gift card myself for one lucky reader! Enter to win!

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Cassidy said…
Happy birthday Natalie!! I love seeing all your fun craft ideas 🙂
Amanda said…
Happy birthday! I have never had a surprise party or planned one, but I think I would be sad if everyone kept the secret and I thought they forgot! :)
PinkFeline said…
Hello, Natalie!

My most memorable birthday wasn't a surprise, but it was my 16th birthday slumber party. (Actually, I was kind of surprised by how many girls showed up!) We had a screened in patio, so we all slept out there. We had a blast! I'd also just gotten a sheltie puppy (I know--another puppy story), so we had fun playing with her. I recently came across pics from that party. Good times! :)
Katrina said…
My most memorable birthday was this year when my husband took me to see Wicked.
KV H said…
I think my birthday in 2020 was memorable because my family used Skype to connect to one another.
heatherp626 said…
I had an amazing birthday party when I was 9! The party, the cake, the fun grab bags, my friends....all of it was so much fun!
Donna B. said…
The most memorable birthday party I've had was probably when I was 7 and my grandmother made me a beautiful doll cake.
Rebecca Stark said…
I’ve only had one birthday party and it was when I was 8 I got to invite all my friends over and they had to walk up my hill with me when we got off the bus and they were tired and asked how I did it everyday, then we got to eat pizza, and I got gifts!!
Stacie S-H said…
another memorable birthday was my dad taking me out to eat at anywhere I wanted to go, for breakfast. I usually picked Denny's and got their grand slam. As the oldest of 8 kids, I cherished one on one time with either parent and it was fun to eat out with my dad on my special day.
Kay K said…
My most memorable birthday was my first year of teaching Kindergarten and my students with the help of their parents made me handmade birthday cards and brought in cupcakes to share!! The best part was when they sang "Happy Birthday" to me. It was a great day.
Erin said…
When I was young my grandmother had a house upstate that we would go to for a week or two every summer (always my birthday week). My favorite part of the trip was going to the county fair every year for my birthday. Between the food, rides, and games I never wanted to leave.
Annette said…
The most memorable birthday I ever had was when my young daughters gave me a DVD of their favorite animated movie, starting, "We know you wanted this." They thought that what they wanted most was what I wanted. It was so precious.
Linda Everson said…
My most memorable birthday was when my friends all got together to surprise me.
Melissa Storms said…
I would say my most memorable birthday was the birthday the year after my aunts, uncles and cousins had started moving to other states. Up until that point I lived only 2 towns away from any of my cousins and we always attended each pthers birthday parties. That year everyone came back in state to visit and come to my party, I think it was my 13th.
Jessica Gipson said…
The most memorable birthday party was when everyone took the time to make handmade gifts. For me, that's more valuable than anything that can be bought.
Amanda Harbison said…
The most memorable birthday party was the only surprise party I ever had - I believe it was for 40! My birthday is near Christmas and so we had a party planned for our friends so it was no shock when people were over. The surprise was to me when everyone came in the living room out of the kitchen with a cake and birthday candles!