Cricut Goodies Giveaway: Birthday Celebration Week!

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Cricut Goodies Giveaway: Birthday Celebration Week!


It's my birthday week and I'm celebrating every day with a fun giveaway! 

If you haven't already entered the last two giveaways, rush over to enter a Tombow Prize Package and a Plaid Paint Prize Package!

Guys! I'm nearly 41. It's hard to believe I'm as old as I am, especially because I feel stronger and healthier than I ever's my weird mid-life crisis...and I'm pretty happy about it.

I'm so excited to be giving away prizes all week long! Today is a Cricut goodie package, including a Cricut Cutie in Rose! This is a highly coveted little figurine that Cricut enthusiasts just can't get enough of!

Birthday Story Time:

When I was turning either 18, I was out on a run in the morning. My mom had died a year previously and I missed her.

On my run, way up ahead on the trail, I saw a glint of light. A sparkle, a glare in the sunshine...

I ran all the way to the sparkle and wanted to see what it was that could draw my attention from such a long distance away.

It was a little piece of iridescent plastic confetti, cut into the words "Happy Birthday".

I knew it was a little gift from my mom, looking out for me even in the afterlife.

Such a sweet little reminder that the world is big, vast and confusing...and there is so little we actually know. But there has to be more to existence than just dieting and paying taxes.

You can use a Cricut Machine to cut your own little confetti pieces, cake toppers or shirts for every birthday celebration you're planning!

Cricut Prize Package Includes:

Premium Vinyl
Iron-on Vinyl
Infusible Ink Transfers
Infusible Ink Shirt (gray size small)
Cricut Cutie
Cricut Lapel Pin

Enter to win the Cricut Prize Package here:

US Residents only please.
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Katherine said…
I have planned couple of birthday surprises for my husband. One year, I surprised with a trip to a weekend trip to a winery.
KV H said…
My sister took me to a restaurant for breakfast and then we went roller skating on a Saturday morning. I didn’t want to leave, but when I got home my family had arranged a birthday party with my friends.
Cassidy said…
I e always wanted to plan a surprise party for my husband. Maybe this will be the year!
PinkFeline said…
Not a birthday party, but my sisters and I planned a surprise 25th anniversary party for our parents. Their friends took them out to dinner and we set it up while they were gone. They were genuinely surprised! I was actually kind of surprised, myself, that we were able to get it done without them finding out. :)
Unknown said…
Planned a surprise party for my sister about 15 years ago and surprise party my boyfriend 4 years ago next week. Both parties went off without a hitch..
Danielle said…
I have never had a surprise birthday party but I javelin planned one for my wife in the past.
heatherp626 said…
I had a surprise birthday gathering when I turned 16. I was surprised but I can't say that it was the most memorable.
a49erfangirl said…
We just had a 50th Birthday party for my husband. I did plan the surprise party. I had the cake made and we decorated. He really had no clue as his best friend and him went shopping.
Craftin' Kiy said…
In middle school my friends tried mutiple times tosurprise me for my birthday, but my mom always told me about it before. 🤣
Rebecca Stark said…
I’ve never had a surprise party but I’ve been to several surprise parties and they have been super fun I’ve never been the one to plan a party either.
Stacie S-H said…
I have never had a surprise party for myself but I went to one in AZ for a good friend. It was fun, hiding, crouching down in the dark until the lights got flipped up and everyone popped up and yelled SURPRISE. It was great!
Kay K said…
When I was eight years old I helped plan a surprise birthday party for our doberman pinscher dog. His name was precious! We invited a few of his dog friends for his birthday party and they were served doggie cake and got to run around the backyard. The birthday boy and all guests if they wanted wore party hats! Treat bags of doggie snacks, Frisbees, balls and a group photo for the dog guests and doggie decorated cupcake and dog key chain for the dog parents. It was so much fun to plan and watch the excitement of all the dogs and parents!!
Erin said…
My father and I planned a surprise birthday party for my mother once and everything was going great and she had no idea (so we thought). A few days after the party my mother admitted to us that when she was talking to my Aunt on the phone a few days before the party my Aunt said see you Saturday at the party when they were hanging up the phone and she figured out the dinner my father was taking her to was really her surprise party.
Annette said…
I've never had a birthday surprise (not given one).