Tombow Giveaway Rafflecopter: Birthday Celebration Week!

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Tombow Giveaway Rafflecopter: Birthday Week Celebration!

It's my birthday week! ***UPDATE: GIVEAWAY ENDED***

My 41st birthday is Sunday January 23rd and that means giveaway time! I didn't get any giveaways set up for the holidays, so I'm making up for it now!

I love birthdays! I'm lucky to have a January birthday...because while the rest of the world mourns a gray "Monday 'month' of the year", I get to look forward to a month filled with birthday celebrations. 

I am looking forward to more smiley eye wrinkles, more scraggly gray hairs and all that comes with age. I've thrived the last year, lost 55 pounds and am the strongest and healthiest I've ever been. 

I really feel like I'm in my prime/mid-life crisis...and I love it!

Speaking of birthdays, here's a favorite! It's of my most clear birthday memories was when I was 13. I woke up, got ready for school and...crickets. Not one of my family members said happy birthday to me at all.

I was surprised that everyone forgot and I was too shy or embarrassed to remind them. Well, at lunch time during school, I saw my mom in the foyer. She smiled and told me she was so sorry that she forgot it was my birthday! 

She said to gather my friends after school for cake and ice cream. She also had the school post my birthday on the scrolling marquee sign. 

It was a fun and super memorable birthday!

Since that birthday, I've never been shy about reminding, exclaiming and shouting from the rooftops that it's my birthday! I'd hate for anyone to forget...

I celebrate big all month long and spoil myself with fancy lunches to Texas Roadhouse, new clothes from the local thrift store and a little shopping spree at the Dollar store! 

Today, I'm showering you with my favorite Tombow products!
One lucky winner will receive a prize pack of these hand picked supplies.

Giveaway Includes:

Here's how to enter the giveaway!

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Giveaway is open from Jan 17-22nd at 12:00 midnight MST. 
Winner will be contacted via email. US residents only, sorry.

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  1. How fun! Id love this awesome set. Reminds me of my fav bday gift: a calligraphy set my husband got me last year. Thanks for the chance and have a blessed bday and prosperous '22!

  2. Happy Birthday! The most memorable birthday I had when I was 6 years old and my parents had a party for me. I got to wear my New Kids on the Block t-shirt.

  3. Happy Birthday!! My son is also a January baby, as is my dearest friend and one of my sisters. I'm going to have to point out your view on having a January birthday. ;)

    My birthday is in July, as well as my other sister's. When I was turning nine and she six, we got a combined birthday gift of a puppy! Every kid loves a puppy for a present, right? She was a little cock-a-poo and was so cute and so much fun!

    Have a great birthday week/month! :)

  4. I hosted a paint party for friends on my 50th birthday!

  5. For my 16th birthday, my dad rented a limo to come pick me and 3 of my friends up. We rode around downtown to see the sights and then had dinner at my favorite restaurant at the time, Darrell's. It was so much fun and we sure felt special and grown up getting in and out of the limo and having dinner by ourselves. I'm sure my girlfriends had a blast too. My parents have been divorced since I was in 4th grade and my dad had recently moved to New York with his job and got remarried. I lived in Virginia, so he wasn't able to make it for my birthday. He still made sure that I felt special on my big day.

  6. Handmade gifts from my kids are the best.

  7. My husband knew that one of my dreams was to swim with dolphins. I happened to be out visiting him while he was at training for the military and he took me to swim with dolphins!! It was the best surprise and birthday ever!

  8. Oh to birthdays! Happy birthday Natalie. I remember a lot of my childhood birthdays were on vacations. We went to bare lake and I got my first bra…. It was a Pocahontas one. Another one we went to sea world, another was at pine view, another was driving to California and we broke down on my 16th birthday. But I remember them all because of the vacation memories.

  9. My favorite birthday memory is when we spent it in Las Vegas. Thank you for the wonderful Giveaway! Happy birthday!

  10. Happy birthday week same thing everyone forgets my birthday 🎂 and I’m too shy to say anything 😊

  11. Happy Birthday!!
    My favorite birthday was my 21st where my parents came to visit me in Fort Worth, where I was living at the time. It was just really fun to get to show them a new city and spend the week exploring with them!


  13. The best birthday surprise was when my parents got me my dog Nitro

  14. I always love the handmade things my boys make me. It is just the sweetest.

  15. Happy birthday! I love just having a nice dinner out with my family in my birthday

  16. I don't really have a favorite Birthday memory. Every year we go out to dinner as a family for all of our Birthdays. It just feels like another day to me.

  17. We always got to pick our favorite food. My father, whose birthday was the day after mine, and I always picked lobster. Many years we all went to Maine to celebrate OUR birthdays which meant fresh lobster for dinner. Wonderful.

  18. My most memorable birthday was my sweet 16. I think my parents gave me $100 and I invited friends over for a winnie the pooh themed party because that's what I was really into at the time. Lol. I cringe, kinda, now, but it was fun and memorable!


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