Personalized Tumbler Spa Kit Skin Care Gift with Coola

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 Personalized Tumbler Spa Kit Skin Care Gift with Coola

This personalized tumbler spa gift is a great combination of handmade and purchased elements. My favorite kinds of gifts are a little of both. Make the perfect Christmas gift for any lady in your life with a home treatment spa kit.

This cute personalized water tumbler with Cricut vinyl is perfect for staying hydrated--the best way to care for the skin, plus some handmade ombre soap, manicure set and fabulous skin care products from Coola. Coola sent me these fun products to try and I knew they'd make the perfect gift.
 I live in Utah and the weather here is frightful! First of all, it is super dry, it's the desert after all. Secondly, once it starts snowing, it's so bright and it reflects the suns rays right on your face. It's easy to sunburn in the snow. Skin care is super important year round, but I need a bigger reminder in the Winter time.

I discovered Coola at Social Media on the Sand at Beaches resort Turks and Caicos. Thankfully they kept me from getting sunburned! Products are smooth on the skin and not greasy. Make-up setting spray is a dream, Sun Silk Drops are the perfect SPF for the face, lip tint has 30 SPF and can be used as blush as well as lip color--trust me, she'll love these!

 Supplies Needed: (affiliate links)

Cricut Maker
Mermaid Scale Premium Vinyl
Transfer Tape
Water Bottle Stainless Tumbler

Manicure Kit
Handmade Ombre Soap
Coola Skin Products

Begin by placing the vinyl on the mat (pink mat not necessary, it's just what I had). Insert mat into machine.

The geometric heart shape I found in Cricut Design Space, free with Cricut Access Standard.

I repeated the cut about 3 times because I wanted to be sure it cut through the layers of the holographic vinyl. Then removed the mat from the machine. Cut out the heart shape and weed the excess vinyl with the hook tool.

The mermaid scale is so fun, the white lines are actually clear, so they look amazing on a colored tumbler.

Then place a piece of transfer tape over the top of the vinyl.

Next, remove the backing of the vinyl.

Then place the vinyl on the tumbler, carefully so you can adjust as needed. Then press firmly on the vinyl with the scraper tool.

Then peel back the transfer tape by rolling it over the top of itself. Press the vinyl down as needed.

That's it! I didn't seal it in any way. Eventually it will snag or peel, but it should have lots of life first. It's the perfect reminder to stay hydrated all Winter long.

When I was in 8th grade I had a season pass to the local waterpark, Cherry Hill. I went the first day and stayed out in the sun too long. I fried my shoulders and the worst part is they freckled and have never been the same smooth skin I had before. Protecting skin from the sun's harmful rays is super important.

Even though I wanted to come home from Turks and Caicos with a little tan, I applied sunscreen every few hours to make sure I was protecting my skin and not burning. I still got a golden tan without added freckles or uncomfortable burns. Skin Win!

This is the holiday gift I'm giving myself! Don't you just LOVE how the Coola products match the stainless steel tumbler with mermaid vinyl. It's really the perfect gift with handmade personal touches. Place the items in a basket and wrap with cellophane...add a handmade tag.

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