Leather Earbud Holder Handmade Gift

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Leather Earbud Holder Handmade Gift

Make a fun and function leather earbud holder as a handmade gift in just a few minutes, with just a couple of supplies. These leather earbud holders make a great gift for anyone that needs a little organizing help. Perfect gift for a stocking stuffer. Great gift for kids to help make too. This is a super simple handmade gift that can be made with felt or faux leather too. Add a name or some iron-on vinyl for a personalized touch!

Supplies Needed:

Scrap Leather (4 inch circle)
KAM Snap Setter

1 Copper Plastic Snap Set (all 4 parts)
Circle Template or Cup to trace

Begin by turning the leather over and tracing a circle on the backside. I used a plastic cup and marker.
Then use scissors to cut the circle of leather.
Fold the leather circle in half. Then use the awl tool to poke a hole through both layers of the leather, about 1/2 inch from the edge.
Then put one smooth side of the snap on the top of the leather and the other piece on the other side.
Then fit the pliers on the snap setting and give it a firm squeeze. This will crush the tip of the plastic spike and make it spread out and flatten down the end inside the snap. Sounds complicated...but it's not.
Then repeat the process for the other side of the leather. Put the 2 remaining pieces together and press tight.
That's it! Go ahead and press the snap together to make sure it works.
Then wrap up the earbuds and snap the leather holder around the cord. Great for throwing in a bag or keeping things organized on the desk.

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