Felt Taco Earbud Holder DIY

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 Felt Taco Earbud Holder DIY
This is such a fun project and it only takes minutes to put together!  I needed a way to carry my earbuds without them becoming a tangled mess in the base of my bag.  Exhibit A: The Snappy Taco.
Solved all the world's problems in mere minutes.
And it's absolutely adorable!  Just takes a couple of supplies.  These would be a fun party craft for teenagers, a party favor, or the perfect handmade gift!

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Let's get started creating the perfect taco.
You will need:
Yellow, Brown, Green and Red Felt
Hot Glue/Gun

And your earbuds

Start by cutting about a 4 inch circle of yellow felt.  Then cut some long pieces of felt that are wider than the taco shell in brown (meat), orange (cheese), red (tomatoes) and green (lettuce).  Most of the ingredients are covered completely, so this does not have to be precise or too perfected.
Next, hot glue the fillings inside the taco shell.  Start with the meat, then angle and stagger the other ingredients.  Hot glue them in the taco at the half way line, so the taco can fold in half easily.
Just like so.  Remove any hot glue strings, if you want.
Next get out the snap setter and a snap.  The snap is a 4 part system.
Use the awl and poke a hole through the taco, where you want the snap to attach.
Then clamp the snaps on either side of the taco shell so they line up and attach together.  These snaps are perfect for using with felt.
The snap posts have been smashed and holding the receiver ends tight.
Now, text out the snap and make sure it holds.  That taco is so cute!
Now it's ready to use and keep track of those headphones/earbuds!
You can wrap the cord around your hand and snap it inside the taco.  Or wrap the cord around the taco and snap it, so half is going around the outside.  This will keep the cord from getting twisted, but both ways work great for keeping track of those earbuds.
Awesome, right!?
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Angie Holden said…
I love tacos so this is perfect!
Tacos are my love language (ha!). This is seriously so cute!