Black Forest Trifle Graveyard Dessert!

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 Black Forest Trifle Graveyard Dessert!

Black forest trifle is divine. Fluffy layers of cream, chocolate cake, pudding and's the perfect dessert. Dress it up like a graveyard for the best Halloween dessert. This dessert is easy to make and assemble for a party or event.
These black, tall, plastic wine glasses are the perfect containers for the graveyard Victorian feel. These glasses are from Oriental Trading and I received them in exchange for this post.
To make the gravestones you will need Milano cookies and black food coloring. You will also need a new small paint brush.
Write a simple R.I.P. in food coloring on the top of each cookie and let them dry.

Supplies Needed:

Chocolate Cake
Cherry Pie Filling
Chocolate Pudding
Milano Cookies with R.I.P. on them
Whipped Topping
Black Wine Glasses
Round Cookie Cutter (the size of the glass)
Cut a piece of chocolate cake with the circle cookie cutter.
Start by putting the cake inside the glass.
Then one spoonful of chocolate pudding spread over the cake.
Then add a spoonful or 2 of cherries.
Next, cover the cherries with whipped topping.
Then add another piece of chocolate cake.
Cover the top with chocolate pudding.
Then insert a Milano "gravestone" cookie into the top of the glass.
Add a cherry on the top! If you do other flavors of trifle, place a piece of the filling on top to set it apart from the others.
They are elegant and Victorian-esque! Perfect dessert for a Halloween party, murder mystery dinner, or school party! Super yummy!

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