Haunted Pumpkin Patch Ghost Cupcakes!

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 Haunted Pumpkin Patch Ghost cupcakes!
Totally adorable fondant ghosts on a grassy hill!
 You will need some cupcakes!
We made some...but even store bought would work great!
 You'll also need:
coconut flakes
green food coloring
marshmallow fondant
black food coloring
paint brush or stylus
Pumpkin candy

Take some coconut flakes...drop a few drops of green
food coloring into the flakes and stir.
Soon they will become the perfect shade of green!
 Roll the cupcakes in the coconut flakes to cover the tops!
 Just like grass!
You could crush Oreo and make a little dirt hill or graveyard.
 Now you will need some marshmallow fondant
It's easy to make: Put 4 oz. of marshmallows in a microwave bowl 
with 1 tablespoon of water.
Heat them up in the microwave for about a minute until they are puffy!
 Stir them up.

 Add powdered sugar until smooth and able to handle.

 Sprinkle powdered sugar on a silpat or counter.
Put a little bit of the fondant on it.  Roll it thin with a rolling pin.

Roll out a 1/4" thick 4 inch circle...
 Take the dum-dum and drape the circle of fondant over the top of it.
Just like a ghost sheet!

Ruffle the fondant to drape nicely.
  Lay on some parchment paper and let the fondant dry.
 After a few hours,
time to paint on the faces!
Put a small drop of black food coloring on a paper plate.

You can even practice painting the faces on the plate!
I chose a Kawaii face!
Winked, blinked, or squinted eyes and a big howling mouth!
 Stick the ghost right into the cupcake!
Add a candy pumpkin!
 Haunted Pumpkin Patch Cupcakes!
 Spooky and cute!
Great for a Halloween party!

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So sweet! :) Love them!
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