Overwatch D.Va Logo Tote Bag with Cricut Iron-On Vinyl

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Make an overwatch inspired tote bag with iron on vinyl, Cricut Maker, EasyPress 2 and blue zipper bag from Totebag factory.

 Overwatch D.Va Logo Tote Bag with Cricut Iron-On Vinyl

Have you played Overwatch?  My kids love it--my daughter especially.  It's the 3rd Anniversary of Overwatch today--so there's reason to celebrate!  Lego has released Overwatch Lego sets that are awesome builds, perfect for an Overwatch lover.  And I'm sharing a fun D.Va logo tote made with the Cricut Maker, Iron on and EasyPress 2--with a fabulous tote from Totebag Factory.  Let me show it all to you!
First off, Overwatch Minifigures!  Minifigures are my favorite part of every Lego set...I've been known to purchase $70 Lego sets just for the minifigures inside!  This set comes with Reinhardt and D.Va and they are perfection.  Look at the fun details!
Lego minifigures of reinhardt and d.va from Overwatch lego set build.
The builds for Reinhardts armor and D.Va's Mech are awesome, every detail is present.  Stickers adorn the Lego pieces for the ultimate in accuracy.

Here's the set I got on Amazon:
Reinhardt and D.Va

Here's a few more Overwatch sets that are amazing:

Genji and Hanzo

WidowMaker and Tracer

My little buddy sat on the floor and put them together right when they arrived.  He loves Overwatch and LEGO, so it could not have been better!
So much fun, these little minifigures fit right into the power armor, perfect for imaginary play.

So let's make a tote with D.Va's logo!

Supplies Needed:

Blue Canvas Zipper Tote
White Everyday Iron-On
Pink Everyday Iron-On
Cricut Maker
Cricut EasyPress 2
Cricut EasyPress Mat
First I used the EasyPress 2 to iron the tote bag flat.  Unzip the top of the bag and pull out the inside pocket so it doesn't get in the way while ironing and pressing.

Here's the logo I used.  Right click to save off for personal use only.  Ownership belongs to Overwatch and Blizzard...do not sell projects made with this.
Place the iron on vinyl on the mat with the colored/shiny side down.  No need to mirror the image because it is symmetrical.

Weed the excess vinyl.  Warm up the tote with the EasyPress 2 and then place the white bunny outline on the tote.
Press according to recommended settings. 
Then cut the pink iron on out.
Weed the excess iron-on the same as before.
Peel off the carrier sheet from the white bunny outline.
Place the pink bunny on the white layer.
Press again according to the recommended settings.
Let the tote cool down completely and then peel off the carrier sheet.  That's it!  You can now rock the D.Va tote bag in a subtle way.  I love it...my son saw me carrying it inside after this photoshoot and said "hey, it's D.Va!"  I call that a win!
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Use a Cricut cutting machine, EasyPress and mat to make an Overwatch logo tote bag featuring D.Va's pink bunny.

Here's another fun Overwatch post:

Here's a video of the process using Freezer Paper:

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