Overwatch Characters Video Game Shirts DIY!

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 Overwatch Video Game Character Shirts!
My boys love Overwatch...so do their friends.
Imagine a bunch of teenage boys wanted to paint t-shirts--that's right, teenage boys asked for my help to do some crafting!  I could not resist.  I love video games and crafting, this is perfection.
We stumbled across these darling chibi characters online.
They are drawn by KevinRaganit
This one is McCree.  I edited the image to import into Silhouette Studio.
I'm not going to share the files here because they are not mine to share.
(email me if you are interested and I'll share them that way)
 I had the image cut out of freezer paper.
I removed the cigar...and we ended up taking off the belt buckle letters.
Just making it a little more G rated.
Then it's painstakingly ironed on, piece by tiny piece!
I had the teenagers do this part.  They worked for it!
(here's a more detailed post for doing a shirt with freezer paper)
 Next comes the painting.
We started by painting all the lines black.
Just using a stencil paint brush and fabric paint.
Then remove the freezer paper.
At this point it will be just be black outlines like a coloring book page.
Just use fabric paint and fill in the sections of colors.
Here's my favorite shirt ever...and it's a better tutorial about this process:

So, a teenage boy did all this work for this shirt.  Awesome, right!?
 But there was still this perfect outline of the image I just could not let go to waste.
So I ironed it on a tote bag from Oriental Trading.
 And instead of outlining it in black, I just filled in all the colors.
With a puffy sky blue border.
 Painted all the colors and let dry slightly.
 Then peel off the freezer paper.
 With a white outline it looks different but cool!
This way is much faster too!
(of course I have a PhD in crafting compared to the teenage boys I worked with)
 This bag is a big hit with all the video game nerds that have seen it!
Ha ha!
 Here's Zarya, another character.
He added the phrase, "Fire at Will"
 And to top it off, they added the Overwatch symbol on the back.
I love creative teenage boys!
So clever and fun!
And when there isn't much marketed for video game paraphernalia and other geekery,
you have to improvise and DIY!

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