Watercolor Handlettering Painting with Tombow Waterbrush VIP Box!

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Bright colored Dual Brush pens painted on watercolor paper with Tombow's new waterbrushes.

 Watercolor Handlettering Painting with Tombow Waterbrush VIP Box!

     I love being part of the American Tombow Inc. ambassador program.  They asked me nearly a year ago what items I'd like to see made by Tombow.  I let them know a few things I'd love...Waterbrushes being one of them!  To my surprise, that's what I received as this months VIP box.  These are the best waterbrushes I've used!  You need this VIP box in your life--they will sell out fast, get yours at my affiliate link here:
Tombow's VIP Box
     I love working with a company that listens to what people want and makes them a reality.  I am going to buy a bunch more of these water brushes, they are my favorite!
Tombow VIP Box featuring watercolor brushes, dual brush pens, and watercolor wire bound notebook.
The Tombow's VIP Box is so cute, it arrives beautifully packaged and filled with goodies and instructions.  The aqua box opens to reveal brightly colored goodness cushioned on paper filler.  I am sure they picture each customer opening their box when they are packaging them.
Watercolor paper, waterbrushes, dual brush markers in this months Tombow VIP subscription Box.
This box comes with the 3 pack of waterbrushes, 5 Dual brush markers and a watercolor sketchbook.

There's also a pamphlet with details on each of the items.
The notebook has high quality watercolor paper inside with ribbons to tie closed.
The size is great and is easy to travel with for on-the-go painting.
The waterbrushes are nylon.  The lid unscrews and the shaft fills with water.  A gentle squeeze is all it takes to get the water flowing into the bristles.  It's the best way to watercolor without the set up of a cup of water.
The brushes are small, large and flat.  The small one is perfection...I love the size for details!
I used the Blending Palette from Tombow and colored out a little sample of each Dual Brush marker.
Then pick up some of the ink with the waterbrush and letter away on the watercolor paper.
Dab off the brush on a napkin to clean it off and pick up new colors.
Use the brush for hand lettering in the notebook.  This book is perfect for an art journal...I can't wait to fill mine!
I used the larger waterbrush to paint the rose and leaves. 
 Tombow's VIP Box has the perfect colors of Dual Brush markers to get started. 
It's gonna be a bright sunshiny day!  This Tombow VIP Box will sell out today, so hurry over and get one or two!
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Tombow's latest VIP Box featuring Water Brushes in 3 sizes, 5 Dual Brush Pens and Watercolor Paper Notebook.

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And use the Dual Brush Pens for some fun hand lettering:

Bright colors for a perfect lettering piece!

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