Creative Gift Wrapping: Maps with Wax Seals!

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Creative Gift Wrapping: Maps with Wax Seals!

Get creative this holiday season and wrap your gifts with maps!  Grab and outdated atlas and wax seals for the perfect combination.  I am not the greatest wrapper (or rapper), but I like to decorate my gifts a little bit, so that disguises my crappy wrapping skills.  What about you like wrapping gifts?
Lego is the perfect gift.  Building Lego sets on Christmas day or the week after is one of our favorite family traditions.  They are fun for the entire family...and Lego boxes are the BEST for wrapping.  These are the Mighty Micros series and are so much fun!  I received these from Lego in exchange for this post.

You will need:

An old Atlas
Bakers Twine
Wax Seal
Paper for a tag
Begin by gently pulling the center map out of the atlas through the staples.  Then wrap the map around the Lego box.
Next, wrap two strands of bakers twine around the gift and tie it off tightly.
Heat up the wax with a candle and spoon...or in a hot glue gun.  Write a name on a scrap of paper and set it right on the knot of the twine.
Melt out a pile of wax right on top of the twine, tag and map.
While the wax is still hot, press the wax seal right on top firmly.
Let it sit for about a minute, then peel off the wax seal to reveal an amazing seal on top...also making it tamper proof!
Wrapping in maps is a fun way to specialize a gift for a recipient that loves traveling, eclectic things or just likes recycling!
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