Torani Coconut Syrup Dirty Drink Ice Cubes

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Torani Coconut Syrup Dirty Drink Ice Cubes
Are you into the mixed non-alcoholic drinks?  I found the way that I like them the best!  In ice cube form, perfect for adding to whatever drink I desire.  Let's get making!
You will need:
 Ice cube trays
Torani Coconut Syrup
Soda of choice, I go with Root Beer
Mix half Torani Coconut Syrup and half water.  Fill ice cube trays and freeze overnight.
Now they can be popped out and added to the soda of your choice!
Perfect for a warm day or just to help you through the day!
Use a cute paper straw and read a magazine while enjoying a tasty drink.
I love the coconut flavoring the most.  What flavors would you turn into an ice cube???
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