Easy Cupcake Headband DIY --Great for Halloween!

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 Cupcake Headband DIY 

I attended a Dessert First party at SNAP conference in April.  I wore this cute cupcake headband to the event.  It is lightweight and super cute...and just looks like a cupcake right on top of your head.  I thought it would be a great tutorial now since Halloween is right around the corner...maybe this is all the costume you'll need.
 Because this is a fake cupcake, it would be cute as a party centerpiece, party favors or perfect for staging a photograph.  This tutorial will cover everything you need to make it a headband, but what you do with it is entirely up to you.
 I love how this black and white picture turned out at the event.  This is my friend Amy, she is a craft blogger at Leap of Faith Crafting, she has the cutest glitter tumblers and fun tutorials.
 Okay, the cupcake headband, let's get started.
You will need:
Silicone cupcake liner
Styrofoam ball to fit inside the liner
ModPodge Collage Clay from Plaid (affiliate link)

Red Felt Ball "cherry"
Metal Headband
Begin by cutting 2 small slits on the base of the cupcake liner, parallel to each other and about 1/4 inch wide...or as wide as your headband.  Cut a little at a time because you don't want to cut it too big!
Then slip the end of the headband in the first slit and out the second.  Make sure it fits and feels secure.
Remove the silicone liner and hot glue the styrofoam ball right inside.  Do not put hot glue on the bottom of the cupcake liner, only the sides.
Then get the collage clay...it's like frosting!  It pipes out of the bag just like icing would.
It's fluffy and light, start at the base of the styrofoam and swirl it up to the top with a little curl.
Then place the felt ball on top and let it dry completely.  I just set it aside and wait overnight.
Now it is ready to thread on to the headband and wear to a party!
It was easy to take apart and pack in my suitcase because it's not permanently affixed.
I decided I wanted a bit more sweets, so I ate some Lindt truffles and saved the wrappers.  I used smaller styrofoam balls and wrapped them up tight so show the silver "inside" of the wrappers.
Then hot glued and used straight pins to secure them to the cupcake.  Super easy and cute!
Right on top of your head but you'll barely know it's there!  Don't forget to check out Amy's craft site: A Leap of Faith too!
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