Framed Vintage Button Heart on Burlap DIY!

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 Framed Vintage Button Heart on Burlap DIY!
I love the combination of old and new.  Rustic and polished.  Those polar opposites make the perfect pairs.  This button art is sparkly and vintage...with rustic burlap and a gilded frame!  It's easy to make and can you believe it just takes 15 minutes!?
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You will need:
Vintage frame (or similar)
Chipboard to fit in the frame
Burlap to cover chipboard
Hot glue/gun
 Begin by cutting the burlap about 1/2 inch bigger on each side than the chipboard.  Run some glue along the edge and fold the burlap over.  Repeat for all four sides.
 Clip the corners and hot glue them down to prevent fraying.
 Place the burlap covered chipboard back inside the frame.

Now it is ready to fill with buttons!  I selected silver, gold, glitter and sparkly buttons.
 But first, hot glue down some plain buttons to build up the level a little bit.
 In a heart shape.  I am using old Army uniform buttons...the color is great and blends right into the burlap.
 Now fill in the spaces with fancier buttons.  Just add a little hot glue to the backside or post of a button and stick it in place.
 Fill in with big and little buttons to make a rounded heart shape.
 Continue adding buttons until the base buttons are not as visible.
 Then add a little dash of color just for fun!  I did 2 pink buttons.

Now it is ready to hang up, prop up and display in the home!  I {heart} this cute shabby chic piece!
 Makes a fun gift too--using heirloom buttons maybe!
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  1. I have a thing for button crafts! Thanks for joining!

  2. Vintage buttons are my favorite, Natalie! Such a great keepsake!

  3. This looks like such a fun project for our Mother Daughter event! Do you have any recommendations on where to find the best button assortment?


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