Mini Leather Refillable Notebooks DIY!

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Mini Leather Refillable Notebooks DIY!

Make a mini leather refillable notebook for the perfect notebook on the go. One can never have too many notebooks or sketchbooks. This cute little book is refillable, so it's perfect for kids or to keep in a purse. 

They would make a great gift too!

I can't get enough of these fabulous refillable notebooks and these ones are 20% cuter because they are so small! Everything is so much better when it's mini! 

Here's a video tutorial for the full size version, which is very similar to the mini. In fact, I'm using the scrap leather from the full size for the mini ones!

Supplies Needed for Mini Leather Refillable Notebooks:

Scrap Leather cut to 5x3"
1/4 inch Elastic cut to 8 inches and 7 1/4 inches
Paper cut to 4.5x2.5 inches

Step 1: Leather Cutting and Prep

Begin by cutting your scrap leather to the size of 5x3 inches. Then mark the center line at 2.5 inches and 1/4 inch on either side of the center line.

Step 2: Setting the Eyelets

Mark 1/2 inch from the edge on the lines drawn previously. Punch holes with the Crop-a-Dile.

Next, set the eyelets in the holes punched.

Step 3: Tying the Elastic

Now loop the 8 inch elastic through the holes and tie the ends together in the center.

Now use a hobby knife to punch a X shaped hole in the exact center of the leather. Then thread the 7 1/4 inch piece of elastic through the hole and tie the end pieces together inside the fold.

Step 4: Fill with Paper!

Now use the paper cutter to cut the paper to fit inside this cute little leather notebook. 

Now the elastic can wrap around the leather notebook to keep it closed. The perfect little notebook that is great to throw in a purse for notes on the go, awesome for a gift or string on a chain and wear as a necklace!

That's it!

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I love notebooks so much--you can never have too many! This is my newest and most favorite book, because it uses regular paper and is refillable. Fill your leather journal with sketch paper, watercolor paper, kraft paper or just cheap copy paper.

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