Thanksgiving Scriptures Watercolor Wash with Calligraphy!

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 Thanksgiving Scriptures Watercolor Wash with Calligraphy!
Happy {USA} Thanksgiving friends!
I love the atmosphere of Thanksgiving.  I love the shift from the bustle of real life to take a moment and really give thanks for our many blessings.  I am truly thankful for the blessings I have.  I spent some time finding meaningful scriptures that help praise and thank God...short ones that I can write in Calligraphy.
 Have you done any Calligraphy?  I love it.  My mom taught me when I was in 5th grade.  I was just 10 years old learning italic.  I love the way the script and modern flare has adapted calligraphy into long sweeping brush strokes.  Pen and ink Calligraphy is my favorite.  I love to use an oblique holder (this one my son made me), a Brause ef nib and Sumi black ink...or Dr Ph Martins Bleed Proof White.
You'll also need watercolors, watercolor paper, painters tape.  Check out this full tutorial for the watercolor wash on these Valentine's I did in January (see how much better I've gotten with my Calligraphy in a year!)

Let the watercolors dry completely and they are ready to ink.
 Here's some links if you are interested in learning more about Calligraphy.
Here's a video in 2x speed of me writing one out.  Take your time.  The secret to good calligraphy is going slow.

In every thing, give thanks.  Thes 5:18
 Thanks be unto God for his unspeakable gift. 2 Cor 9:15
 Unto thee do we give thanks. Psalms 75:1
 Give thanks unto the Lord for he is good. Psalms 136:1
 Great to use as Christmas gift tags, cards to mail, thank you notes, or to stick reminders all around the house!
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