Awesome Gifts from My Gift Stop

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Awesome gifts from My Gift Stop.
This time of year is so fun for gift giving and shopping!  Are you black Friday shopping today?  When I was in high school, like 20 years ago, my friends and I would go Black Friday shopping...except we never shopped.  We would find the stores giving away the best door prizes and try to hit 3 of them in the morning just for the freebies.  We would wait in cold lines singing and dancing.  I think we were a huge hit from the others waiting in lines.  This was WAY before Black Friday went crazy and started earlier and earlier and now on Thanksgiving evening.  It's not as fun to hit the stores as it was.  I've switched completely to online shopping.  From the comfort of your own home, it is the best.  Shipping is usually super fast and affordable or free these days.  Then you have it delivered to your door.  I'm a sucker for online shopping!
Check out these high quality accessories that are sure to fit anyone on your list...or fun for yourself!
Here's a few items that I just love...a tiny Holiday Gift Guide!

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Offer: $10 off $100 order and $20 off $200 first order
Plus FREE shipping for orders over $50
Plus, when you shop at My Gift Stop 5% of every sale goes to the global medical relief nonprofit, Direct Relief.

Anne Klein Watch
I love the gorgeous rose gold!

14K White Gold Ring Band with 1/4 Ct. Diamonds
My favorite rings are simple anniversary bands!

Kate Spade Bag
Don't you just love this bag in bright red!?

Now switching to some fabulous gifts for Men:

Ray Ban Sunglasses
I love the tint on these gold shades.

Orient Watch
I love watches that show some of the inter-workings, like gears and stuff!

Lamy L06F Brushed Pen
And, if you know me, I love a great fountain pen!

Check out the website and see what you like the best!  Hope you have a Fabulous Black Friday and do some fun online shopping this weekend--without the lines, the cold, and the fights!
Happy Holidays!

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