Wire Wrapped Natural Rock Pendants!

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Wire Wrapped Natural Rock Pendants!
Rocks are my favorite!  I love looking for unique and especially sparkly rocks.  Often times I find rocks in my purse or my kids pockets, and consequently the washing machine.
Anyone else have little rock hounds?
Here's a fun craft that will make rock hunting worthy!
You will need:
Jagged Rocks
24 Gauge Wire

 (I love the copper wire)

Begin by cutting 12-18 inches of wire.  Find the center and twist a loop in the center.
Place it around the desired rock and twist the wires around the base of the rock.
Wrap the wires back up on the other sides of the rock.
Twist the wires around the top and wrap them down the rock.
Wrap and twist around the other wires to hold them in place securely.
Finish off the pendant by swirling the end of the wire into a spiral.
Repeat for all those lovely little rocks in your purse and pocket collections.
Each pendant is unique and especially fun!
These make a great handmade gift too, fun for tweens and teens to make for friends!
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