Harry Potter Black Bag with Gryffindor Patch!

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 Harry Potter Black Bag with Gryffindor Patch!
I love this black rouched tote bag!
The geek chic touch with the Harry Potter patch is perfection!
 I got this darling bag on clearance at an already discounted "mess up" monogram store.
The KWA is off centered and stitched double on the K.
But the bag is brand new and wonderful!
 Embroidery is much too much work to unpick the entire thing.
 I colored it all in with black marker...just in case an edge shows.
 And I made this wonderful Gryffindor Patch a year ago...check it out here.
 It is just the thing to cover the monogramming!
 I used a needle and thread and painstakingly sewed it on.
Haha, hand sewing is not my favorite activity, too slow.
But super secure and won't snag on the edges.
It does look a little off center, because the monogramming was not centered,
but it works!  I like the subtle geek chic!
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 My friend Melarky sells awesome patches!
She will do custom work too!
I did a cosmetic bag too!
 Harry Potter Ravenclaw Patch Upcycled Bag!
Nothing a Ravenclaw patch can't fix!
 I got this bag at a store near me that sells things with messed up monograms!
Awesome right--at great prices!
 I just used this small Ravenclaw patch I made for my Harry Potter party a couple years ago.
Just simply sewed it right over the monogram.
 Looks awesome and much more geek chic now!
My friend Melarky sells awesome patches in her etsy shop!
She does custom orders too!

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