Hogwarts Sealed Letter with Cream City Ribbon!

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I received ribbon from Cream City Ribbon for this post.
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 Create a stunning letter using cotton ribbon from Cream City Ribbon!
The ribbon is amazing. It is stiff almost like paper, but cloth too.  Such a fun texture!
 I used this birch ribbon to make a cool seal for a Harry Potter Hogwarts letter.
This ribbon is perfection for using with wax seals.
 Here's a quick video on doing the wax seal.  I get wax sticks and put them in a mini glue gun.
Easy peasy.

You can see from how I wrapped the backside, that this ribbon has a different texture.
It doesn't tear though.
 Just hold in place, add some wax and press in the seal.
 Perfect for a Harry Potter gift card or party invite!
Check out this Book of Monsters DIY here
 Perfect to send by owl!
Or just write the address in below the ribbon.  Wax seals can go through the mail but may need extra postage.
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