Gold Himmeli Necklace DIY

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I received items for this necklace from Oriental Trading.
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 Gold Himmeli Necklace DIY
I've wanted to make a necklace like this for a long time.  I love Himmeli.
Oriental Trading has everything you need for jewelry making.
For this fun project, you will need:
Gold wire
Gold tubes
Pliers/wire cutters
Gold chain
Start by clipping 4 tubes in half.  Cut gently so it doesn't just smash the end closed.  If it does, just use pliers to open the end.
You can see some of mine are pretty messy.
Now start by getting 2 feet of wire.  Slide 2 long tubes and one short one in between them.
Run the wire back through the tubes and add more pieces.
You need 4 long ones at the base and 4 short ones in between forming a square base with a point, like a tall pyramid.  There isn't an exact way to do this, just keep threading the wire through the tubes to make it work.
Then add the other 4 short ones to the top to complete the diamond shape.
Run the wires back through the tubes to come out the end.
Then twist the wires around the other to make them stronger.
Fish the loose wire end back through a tube and clip it off on the other side.
Now it has a perfect loop for hanging.
Next add it to a chain!  It's so cute and delicate!
You could even fit something, like a crystal, inside it while making it!
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