LCD Writing Tablet Review!

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I just discovered the best thing ever.  I love to write and draw and doodle...and guess what?  I waste tons of paper.  I think there is a tree farm in Alabama that is totally dedicated to me and my paper wasting.  I'm okay with it.  Introducing the LCD Writing Tablet.  

It's super thin and lightweight.
They come in a variety of colors...I went with black, because I'm batman.

It's a great price.  It's smooth surface is fun to write on.  This is like a notepad and pen.  It does not recharge.  No plugs or wires.  It has a battery that is supposed to last years.  There is only one button on the board, the delete button.  This will wipe the screen completely with one simple touch.  It is so fun.  We had friends over this weekend and played cards, we used this to keep score.  Nothing to throw away at the end of the game, just wipe it clean and start over.
Trust me, I'll be taking this to church to doodle on while listening too.  It's silent and perfect for writing.  It's great for layout work, sketches, and a practice pad!
I would let my children use this (if they were still toddlers) to practice writing their letters.  My children are ultra responsible, so I wouldn't worry about them.  The board is thin and feels delicate, so stepping on it, I am sure, would wreck it.  If your kids don't treat items with respect, wait until they are older.
This is a fabulous gift idea.  I would have LOVED this as a child.  I love it now.
The LCD is 8.5 inches diagonally and comes with a protective sleeve.
This same company sells a 12 inch version too.
I might have to get another one!

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