Bottle Cap Pin Badge Flair DIY--Ellie Badge from UP!

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Bottle Cap Pin Badge Flair DIY--Ellie Badge from UP!
Do you remember the movie UP, it came out more than 8 years ago!
Time goes so fast.
One time when my husband was working and gone for months at a time,
 my kids put this movie on.
I sobbed and cried and ugly cried.  Have your kids ever heard you ugly cry?
They didn't know how to react...they all felt sad and started tearing up too.
It turned into a huge sob fest.
I told them they could never watch that movie while dad was gone.
Hahaha, good times.
I love the movie, but cry like a baby every time.
We watched it a couple months ago and it was the same result.  My husband cried too.
It's just that 12 minute love story.  Ugh.
I thought it would be fun to make an Ellie Badge.
 Ellie gives Carl a little grape soda bottle cap on a pin.
He's officially in her club.
 It's cute and he wears it the whole movie and gives it to Russel at the end.
Super cute with fun friends all along the way.
So let's make one!
Flair and pin back buttons are super cool again, so this is a fun project to
 bust out even for older kids.
I love crafts that can get even young men involved.
We did this for a big combined youth activity and even the boys thought it was fun!
Of course, it's super simple and they got to drink sodas!

You will need:
Coilless Safety Pins

You'll need some bottle caps too!
As well as a nail, hammer, pounding board
and nail polish or paints
We had some bottle caps from Malta...
Have you ever tried Malta?  Yuck.  It's like molasses soda, blech.
My husband and 2 of the kids love it.
Me and 1 kid despise it.
Save your bottle caps.
Place you nail inside the bottle cap and set on pounding board.
Then whack it with the hammer.
Repeat on the other side so they line up.
If you are keeping the image on the bottle cap, make sure the holes are in the correct
upright position.
Those punched out edges can be sharp, so using a metal file will smooth them down.
Or rub them on the cement outside.
Then just slide the coilless safety pin through it.
These pins without the coil are genius and mostly used for charms and jewelry.
I didn't even clean the bottle cap.
That takes laziness to a new level, right!?
Perfect, right!?
Now, leave as is, or paint it!
Nail polish works great and creates an enamel flair look.
Or use paint and then spray with lacquer.
My daughter did these four and wanted them to be little emoji faces.
I think they are adorable!
The skies the limit!
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